Tea mushroom

When will Kombucha?

Many have heard about Kombucha, but not everyone knows when to use it:

• Cuts, sores, bruises, mastitis, skin damage is not afraid, if you moisten the infusion of tea fungus bintik, attach to the sore spot, put cellophane and secure with a bandage. The pain quickly subsided, the swelling subsides, the wounds quickly tightened.

• If you have inflamed eyes, dilute one-day infusion of boiled water 1: 1 and wash them. Remove inflammation, stress and fatigue.

• When sweating hands or feet do daily baths with the infusion of tea fungus. So you get rid of sweating and kill the fungus that causes it.

• Chronic fatigue, stress, encountered a man in modern life at every turn, experience and neural stress depletes even the most healthy person. Prepare a nutritious mixture of half a cup of honey and 3 tbsp. spoons of infusion of tea fungus. All mix and eat for 2 hours. Spoon the mixture before going to bed. This means soothe nerves, relieve stress, relieve insomnia.

• Burns put enough flaking Kombucha — inflammation and redness from burns rapidly. Usually, if a burn is not very deep, healing takes place, leaving no trace on the skin.

• When insomnia as efficiently help another drug.
Take half a cup of water, and infusion of tea fungus, 2 h. Spoon of honey.
All mix thoroughly and drink before bedtime.

• The weakening of memory — multiple sclerosis, severe stress, overwork, emotional strain. If you regularly drink a glass a day of tea kvass with honey in mealtime, then not only improve memory, but also the speed of the reaction efficiency.

Tea mushroom

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