Other methods for eczema.

Other methods for eczema.

Other methods for eczema.


In treatment, it is recommended to use freshly squeezed carrot juice. They are treated with places requiring help and taken twice a day inside a quarter of an hour before meals. The course is a month.
There are fried carrot packs. Grate the vegetable and fry in vegetable oil until dark brown. In hot form, carrots are laid on the epidermis requiring treatment, pressing on top of the paper. Three procedures are enough.
Applies hot carrots, besides fried in oil, to sore spots will lead to a burn, which will only aggravate the disease.


Juice is extracted from a bunch of fresh parsley, which is subsequently applied to the epidermis. For greater effect, mix juice with honey in equal proportions. Parsley is also suitable for internal use. Juice is taken instead of water or tea, after dissolving it in milk.

Other methods for eczema. Ryazhenka

Cotton is applied to stains that need to get rid of inflammation, previously moistened with homemade fermented baked milk. Sessions are repeated daily for several weeks.


The use of marsh duckweed for the treatment of dermatological pathology can occur in two ways — fresh or as an alcohol tincture.

  1. Fresh duckweed is crushed, mixed in equal parts with honey. The mixture is placed in a glass container, stored in the refrigerator. Reception is carried out daily — for a dessert spoon for two years.
    In a few years, the disease will go into a chronic stage. Getting rid of her will not be easy.
  2. Fresh duckweed is washed well, placed in a glass container and filled with 40% alcohol (a teaspoon of raw materials per 50 ml of alcohol). Insist in a dark place. Take 15 drops three times a day, previously dissolved in water at room temperature.

Other methods for eczema. Solidol.

The lubricant, in the composition of which fatty acids are indicated, is recommended to be used in the treatment of all types of dermatological pathology. Not every solidol is suitable for these purposes. US-2, for example, contains many harmful additives that make it impossible to use it for medicinal purposes.
Proponents of alternative medicine name several reasons to choose solidol to combat pathology:
• High efficiency (cure is observed in 60% of cases).
• Ease of use (procedures are performed at home).
• Speed ​​of exposure (a few procedures are enough).
To prepare a folk remedy based on solidol, you need to buy a product in the car market, take 15 grams and heat it in a water bath. The places of inflammation and peeling are treated with warm solidol. Connoisseurs recommend a procedure before bedtime, and in the morning rinse the skin with plain water. The course of treatment is a month. In some cases, a mixture of solid oil and gasoline taken 1: 1 is recommended.
If you really want to experience the effects of solidol, it is worth taking a closer look at the pharmaceutical preparations based on it (Solipsor, Kartalin, Ungventol, Chernyshev’s ointment, Magnispor). If the skin reacts with irritation, and the situation with the disease worsens, the experiment should be stopped immediately.


The drug, designed to combat dandruff, supplies the skin with beneficial substances and regulates the sebaceous glands. Sulsena relieves itching and peeling. In the treatment of eczema, paste 2% is used, applying to the affected areas and rubbing it well. Repeat daily until the clinical picture disappears.


Juice is squeezed out of a quarter of the pumpkin head. Apply to the affected areas of the epidermis several times a day. Fresh pulp is used in the same way. The procedure is repeated until normal skin forms at the sites of inflammation. At the same time, it is recommended that you take pumpkin juice inside — half a glass before eating.

Tea mushroom

Kombucha recipes relieve itching, reduce inflammation and promote the healing of ulcers.

  1. Infusion of Kombucha, aged 10 days, mixed with a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide. The mixture is used to treat the epidermis. After that gauze impregnated with infusion of Kombucha is applied. The exposure time is 15 minutes.
  2. Take 200 ml of infusion of Kombucha (fourteen-day) and mix with a dessert spoon of honey. The mixture is slightly warmed up. The gauze is moistened in it. Impose on the affected areas of the body for half an hour. Repeat three times a day.
    Similarly, they suggest using Tibetan milk mushroom.


Take a tablespoon of fresh berries of currant, strawberry and blueberry. Mix and grind. Apply in the form of lotions to the skin of the hands and feet, affected by the dry form of the disease.
The acid in the berries can cause even more itching and burning.


Take 5 boiled eggs, take out the yolks. Put the yolks on the fork and hold the candles over the fire. Juice that drips from the yolk is collected in a container. Soaked gauze is impregnated with collected juice, which is then applied to the place in need of treatment. The dressing is changed once a day. Treatment continues until recovery.

Other methods for eczema.
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