RECIPE colds

RECIPE colds

How to treat severe cough

treatment of colds in children

Health is important for everyone, but in the winter, people often catch cold and cough. So I want to give readers a recipe that is very good for any cold and that is especially valuable in bronchitis. Not so long ago, this recipe has helped me get rid of the most protracted bronchitis.

A tablespoon of butter of good quality place in a porcelain dish, which put in a pot of hot water to melted butter. Then add a cup of tablespoon of honey and stir everything until it dissolves. Then add 1.5 st. alcohol spoon, mix it quickly and immediately drink. This procedure is carried out before bedtime.

At the same time useful to do and such a procedure. Spread honey cabbage
sheet and attach it to the chest (you can also prepare a second sheet and put it on the back) for the night. If you have a tincture of wild rosemary marsh, the pre-massage your breasts with this tincture.
10 days — treatment of chronic bronchitis. The severe cold can be cured much faster.
After recovery, it is advisable to take infusion of rosemary inside:
7, together with water droplets 2_3 times a day.
In chronic bronchitis, Ledum tincture take up to two months — and then bronchitis irrevocably gone and no longer return.
10% — tion of wild rosemary tincture can be prepared from dried herbs rosemary marsh, are sold in pharmacies:
10 g of dry grass pour 90 g of alcohol, to insist in a dark place for 3 weeks, stirring occasionally, then strain.

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