Medical vinaigrette.

Medical vinaigrette

+ How + to lower the pressure at home

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Pressure began to disturb me. Before the eyes of flies running around, often the head hurts, my fingers go numb. Doctors, of course, prescribed pills to reduce the pressure, but I is not so big, so for myself decided to treat yourself to a smaller chemistry.
So, in the autumn viburnum juice drink — three-liter jar stuffed brushes viburnum, fill a cup of sugar and pour a glass of water.
And when viburnum ended, he moved to the beets: squeeze the juice through the juicer, defended 2:00 and add apple juice (from the store, but no preservatives). Saw 2-3 cups a day.
And eating sauerkraut with beets and garlic, constantly made vinaigrettes. Beets can be eaten because in any form.

For example, when the numbness to plant beet juice mixed with honey and take 1 tbsp. spoon 3-4 times a day before meals for three months. Good help and such a mixture: beet juice, honey in the ratio 1: 2, and the juice of one lemon. Take half a cup an hour after eating. Keep refrigerated.

I also arranged a week of total fasting and allowed herself only half a cup of beet juice, diluted with water at night.

So after two months of such treatment pressure has stabilized, are no longer numb hands.
In short, vinaigrettes and solved its problems.


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