Medical dressings.

Medical dressings.

Medical dressings.

Treatment of diseases of folk remedies.

Medical dressings. All the housewives used in the preparation of food seasoning.
But many do not know what useful and medicinal properties have these sharp little additives.

Red pepper stimulates the appetite, improves circulation, increases
sweating, promotes intestinal release, it expels worms. It is used for colds, coughs and constipation. Adoption of tea 2-3 times a day with pepper on
pinch helps resorption of blood clots.

CLOVES used in powder form with vegetables, fruits and the like tea.
He is a strong painkiller. Swab with clove oil
placed in the tooth cavity toothache. Inhalation of vapors of clove oil (a few drops of oil to dissolve in boiling water), treat cough. Chewing a piece of clove helps with dry cough.

Flaxseed eases asthma and chronic cough.

CINNAMON as a diaphoretic used as a tea for colds, coughs. Tea Ingredients: cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and cloves (but no more than a pinch of reception).

Medical dressings.

CORIANDER — from coriander seeds tea is used as a diuretic for inflammation of the bladder, as well as nausea, vomiting.

MUSTARD — mustard powder to mix with water and apply this paste on the fabric, and then the skin — will provide an analgesic effect for pain in the joints and muscles in the chest. The same effect is produced and mustard baths for hands and feet.

Caraway seeds, or rather, a mixture of cumin powder and butter is effective in bowel disorders (diarrhea, dysentery).

Nutmeg when used with milk is a tonic means for the heart and brain. Used in the treatment of sexual weakness effective incontinence, diarrhea.

Anise and star anise.

Despite the rather specific taste and smell, anise and star anise are an excellent tool for the prevention of constipation and intestinal problems. Thanks to the essential oils contained in them, they contribute to the full functioning of the intestine.

Medical dressings

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