Medical peroxide.

Medical peroxide.

Medical peroxide.

It is well known that hydrogen peroxide is usually treated with wounds. Medical peroxide. In order to avoid infections. But, of course, many readers will also be interested in the other healing properties of this amazing solution …

Medical peroxide.

For example, with peroxide inside and using napkins moistened with the same peroxide, pain in the heart. Arrhythmia disappear in the chest. The asthma attack stops.

It is said that one person was removed from the tumor in the stomach. The family was told: «Take it, it will not last long». After taking hydrogen peroxide for 3 weeks, a person does not just come to life. He went on to recover.

I also read that one patient had esophageal cancer, an obstruction. They fed him only through a catheter. After taking the peroxide and applying a compress with peroxide to the chest for 15 minutes, the patient began to drink on his own. The stomach and intestines have earned. The examination showed that there were no metastases.

Medical peroxide.

Hydrogen peroxide according to the formula H2O2 consists of water and atomic oxygen. Atomic oxygen, unlike the atmospheric, penetrates directly into the cells of the tissues of the human body.

External compresses can be applied to the neck, spine, joints. That is to any sore point.

The medicine is cheap and available to any sick person. When ingestion side effects were not felt (obviously, they are not). By its medicinal properties, hydrogen peroxide is not inferior to expensive and now advertised drugs — immunomodulators.
For people living not richly, it’s just a godsend.

Now about your own experience of treatment. So, my personal experience of taming a bouquet of diseases at once by ingesting a 3% solution of H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) by a doctor of medical sciences, professor, academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, laureate of the State Prize Ivan Pavlovich Neumyvakin: hypertension, atherosclerosis and non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus II type.

Medical peroxide.

After getting acquainted with his technique, he began to take hydrogen peroxide. After a month of taking, I felt a significant improvement in my body. Although before the pressure at night exceeded 200. In my ears there was a strong noise. Now it’s 140/90.

Also after a month course, I visited an endocrinologist. Sugar 5.5 (normal), but earlier below 9.0 was not.
Now I continue to take the drug.

As a result, my head became much more fresh. I became more active.
Sleep 6-7 hours. I get up in the morning and heaviness, I do not feel broken. There is no noise in my ears. The syndrome of «chronic fatigue» disappeared.

Take a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide should be strictly on an empty stomach. In the morning on an empty stomach, at dinner for 30 minutes — one hour before a meal. At night 2 hours after lunch. Start taking 2-3 drops (dosing strictly from the pipette) in a cup with 30 ml of boiled water at room temperature.

The solution has no taste and smell. Every day you need to add one drop to the reception 3 times a day, reaching 10 drops 3 times a day. And so it takes 10 days. 2-3-day break. 10-day reception, a break for 2-3 days and so on.


Medical peroxide.



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