How to help a sick head?

How to help a sick head?

If there was a headache, you can not for long, just for a moment, intensely enough to pinch his nose. Will definitely easier. Further it is possible to repeat.

• Or this way: head tie with braid made of light material, so that the fabric has passed above the eyebrows and ears and squeezed a little skin. When the headaches associated with a decrease in blood pressure, many people it helps.

• Relieves pain and «distracting» hot foot bath. You just do not abuse the particularly high temperature of the water, or you will get the opposite effect.

• Some get relief from a warm heating pad on the abdomen or mustard plasters, which put on the back of the head and the back of the neck, between the shoulder blades or on the calves. But not all together.

• Once headaches lightly greased area temples ant alcohol, acetic essence or cologne. Now the same effect is achieved with a slightly irritating ointment (Panther or Vietnamese with an asterisk): lightly grease with a small area at the temples, his forehead smeared over the bridge of the nose.

• Sometimes the headache is reduced if some smell aromatic substances — essential oils or even ammonia.


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