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Osteochondrosis under control!

Osteochondrosis in the neck. Yes, such that it is sometimes not turn his head, the pain that barely put up, so sharp, pierces the shoulder and arm.

Time-tested recipes.

To compress need amanita: 4 to take the red mushroom, put in a large pot and pour on top of boiling water (2-3 liters). When slightly cool (so that you can tolerate without burning), do yourself a hot compress on the neck and a sore shoulder.

A surprising effect is horseradish leaves: is applied to the neck of a horse-radish leaf lower side, from above are wrapped a woolen scarf. The procedure is done mainly at night (but can be severe pain and in the afternoon).

Good was also the dandelion: 1 tbsp. spoon crushed roots of sugar and 1 cup of hot water, stand in a water bath for 15 minutes, insist hour, strain. I saw warm 1/3 cup 3-4 times a day for half an hour before meals. Dandelion roots contribute to the restoration of cartilage tissue, dissolution of salts, restore joint mobility.

Another effective recipe — Ointment with hops: grind 1 tbsp. powder spoon of hop cones with 1 tbsp. unsalted lard (or butter). It lubricates this ointment sore spot. It helps to 100%!

At the same time I began to make 2 times per day exercises:
1. Lie on your back, cross your hands, put them around his neck, and 2 minute vibrate and sway over the body, simulating the movement of fish in the water.
2. Lie on your back, put a pillow under your head, pull your hands and feet, for 2-3 minutes to wave them in different directions, shaking them.
3. Lie on your back, raise your feet up, push your knees, close my foot and move your legs up and down 10-15 times.
4. Lie on your stomach. The compactness of the hand to the castle on the coccyx and try to lift his head, chest and legs. At work I changed armchair on a hard chair. It began to change the position of the feet and do their workout every 15-20 minutes to allow the flow of blood to all the tissues, without exception. If you have to stand in line for a long time (or at home washing the dishes or ironing), also every 10-15 minutes changing posture. It relies on one, then on the other foot, go on the site, to sag back, arms stretched up and took a deep breath. These simple techniques relieve fatigue muscles of the back, neck, shoulder girdle.
Here and Now osteochondrosis keep under control!


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