Infusions for glaucoma.

Infusions for glaucoma.

Infusions for glaucoma.

Infusions for glaucoma. The disease goes through four stages: initial, developed, far reaching and terminal. In the absence of timely diagnosis and control of pathology, irreversible blindness is possible due to the death of the optic nerve.

Formal therapeutic methods are designed to slow or halt the progression of the disease. Non-traditional practices involve the treatment of glaucoma with folk remedies.

Herbal infusions help to combat increased intraocular pressure, headache and tinnitus. The minimum duration of therapy is three weeks, the maximum is three months. After the break, a new course is possible.

Mono infusions.

  1. In a glass of boiling water for an hour, insist a tablespoon of dry chopped nettle. Take 1/3 cup up to four times a day. Folk remedy helps with high intraocular pressure.
  2. Take 20 cm of a golden mustache, cut into small pieces and steamed in a liter of hot liquid. Wrap the container with a towel, stand for a day. Filter. Take a tablespoon up to four times a day. The course of treatment is 3 weeks.
  3. Three small spoons of crushed calendula are steamed with half a liter of boiling water and insisted for two hours, wrapped in a towel. Three times a day, drink ½ cup.
    Calendula is not recommended for use in hypotonic patients.
  4. A tablespoon of chopped calamus root of the bog is poured overnight with a glass of boiling water. Filter in the morning. Take three large spoons two times a day.
  5. To 200 ml of boiling water add six grams of spring adonis. After 4 hours, filter. Drink twice before meals for 1 tbsp. l
  6. To 400 ml of boiling water pour 15 grams of herb intoxicating rabbit. Insist in a dark place for a day. Use 1 tbsp. l three times a day before meals.
  7. Thirty grams of field liveliness is steamed in one liter of hot moisture and allowed to stand for a day in a place protected from the sun. After filtering and drinking 1 tbsp. l twice a day before meals.
    Regular use of the composition may result in vomiting, dyspepsia and cardiac abnormalities.
  8. A teaspoon of chopped chicory root is added to a glass of boiling water for ten minutes. After squeezing and drinking two times in small sips.
  9. 40 g of medicinal eyewash are kept for 3 hours in a liter of hot moisture. Take up to five times a day, 150 milliliters. Instead of water, you can use milk. The course lasts two months. If necessary, it is repeated after a couple of weeks.
  10. Two tablespoons of chopped blueberry leaves are steamed with 0.5 liters of boiling water and kept under the lid for about one hour. In strained form, they drink a glass twice a day.
  11. Treatment of glaucoma is performed with kombucha. The raw materials are cut, poured with boiling water and kept for 24 hours under a lid. Filter and carry out reception — 1 tbsp. l four times before meals. 3 weeks are treated. After a month’s break, therapy is resumed.
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