Diet for varicose veins.

Diet for varicose veins.

Diet for varicose veins. 

There is a special medical diet for varicose veins. Diet for varicose veins. But this does not mean that dietary restrictions are not required. All those who are interested in the problem of varicose veins should clearly understand that the products useful for veins, and there are those that simply harm.

Diet for varicose veins.

Useful are:

• Sources of vitamin E, which give the elasticity of the veins. It is sprouted grain rye and wheat, soybeans, peas, beans, lentils, lettuce, green onions. Also the liver, egg yolk, corn, olive oil and soybean oil.

• Foods rich in vitamin C, which makes the veins strong. Rosehip, sweet pepper, sea-buckthorn, black currant, white cabbage, tomatoes. Also strawberries, gooseberries, parsley, dill, citrus fruits, potatoes.

• Products containing vitamin P (rutin), which strengthens vein walls and valves. Rose, lemons, oranges, grapefruit, mountain ash, black currant, walnuts and tea;

• Acidic varieties of cherries and dark sweet cherry varieties, rich special substances — bioflavonoids, which give berries juicy maroon, ruby
or red.
20 berries per day — an effective means of preventing varicose veins. Bioflavonoids dissolve clots more potent than aspirin, and facilitate the promotion of blood through the veins;

• Seafood: oysters, mussels, shrimp, crab, lobster, octopus, squid and lamb kidneys and beef liver. They contain a lot of copper required for enzymes that synthesize elastin. This protein of connective tissue prevents venous walls to spread by blood pressure, forming varices;

• Vegetables, fruits, bran, simply put, fiber, causes the intestines to work like a clock and prevents constipation;

And, of course, you should drink at least 1.5-2 liters of fluid per day. The fact that a small intake of fluid in the body becomes viscous. It is difficult to advance through the veins. Consequently, the load on them increases.


Diet for varicose veins.


And now about the products that harm our veins.

Minimize the need for fat, flour and sweets.
This advice is especially important if you want to easily gain weight or already have excess weight.

Limit the need for nutrient broths, jellies, pickles, smoked meats, canned.
All these products indirectly contribute to the destruction of the walls and venous valves. Coffee drink is not more than 1-2 cups a day. It is better to give up alcoholic beverages. They cause fluid retention. Increase the burden on the vein.

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