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Recipes against old age.

Recipes against old age. herbal supplements. I know a lot of people’s recipes: and from the heart, and on the legs, and weakness. Recipes against old age. The very use them and others advise.  • It will take 400 grams of minced garlic. Squeeze the juice of 4 lemons. Stir and put in a jar. […]

In the treasury of recipes.

In the treasury of recipes.For many diseases there is justice in my collection of recipes of traditional medicine: In the treasury of recipes.Worried nosebleed?Dilute a small amount of vinegar (the dining room or apple) or alum with cold water. Head keep straight. Not to worry, and that is stronger than blood. Is drawn into the nose of the solution.

Valuable Kombucha

Valuable Kombucha

Kombucha come to the rescue. Valuable Kombucha. For a long time I suffered from cholecystitis, but then he slowly passed. Valuable Kombucha. I think it helped me to restore the infusion of the tea fungus. In the book I read that Kombucha stimulates the metabolism in the body. It also strengthens the walls of blood […]