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Than to clean the kidneys.

Than to clean the kidneys.

Than to clean the kidneys. Periodic cleansing procedures help keep the kidneys in good shape. It is best to clean the buds with parsley seeds. Prepare infusion from them: 1 teaspoon of seeds, pour 0.5 liters of boiling water and insist overnight in a thermos. Drink half a glass 2-3 times a day. Simultaneously with […]


MYSTERY juniper MIRACLE.Natural medicine.The ancient Greeks called this shrub small cedar, Slavs — Mozzhuha, mezhelnikom. Juniper was worshiped as a healer and protector in all countries and at all times.The plant has the strongest Phytoncidal properties: 1 hectare of juniper may one day improve the air of an average city!

Recipes against old age.

Recipes against old age. herbal supplements. I know a lot of people’s recipes: and from the heart, and on the legs, and weakness. Recipes against old age. The very use them and others advise.  • It will take 400 grams of minced garlic. Squeeze the juice of 4 lemons. Stir and put in a jar. […]

Herbal supplements.

Herbal supplements.

Herbal supplements. Healing Supplements. Virtually all housewives enjoy cooking spices. But many do not know what useful and medicinal properties these acute additives possess. And meanwhile: RED PEPPER stimulates appetite, improves blood circulation, increases sweating, promotes the release of the intestines, expels worms. It is used for colds, coughs and constipation. Accepting two capsules 2-3 […]

Altai healer — red brush.

Altai healer - red brush.

Altai healer — red brush. Natural health remedies. Altai healer — red brush. I want my knowledge to be useful to someone. Today I want to write about the plant. It is called a phonograph cold. Another name is red brush. It is endemic to Altai. It grows only in the mountains of Altai, in […]