In the treasury of recipes.

In the treasury of recipes.

For many diseases there is justice in my collection of recipes of traditional medicine: In the treasury of recipes.

Worried nosebleed?

Dilute a small amount of vinegar (the dining room or apple) or alum with cold water. Head keep straight. Not to worry, and that is stronger than blood. Is drawn into the nose of the solution.

Worryingly hypertension?

A glass of honey, a glass of carrot juice, half a cup of juice horseradish and mix the juice of 2 lemons wooden spatula. Close and remove to a warm place.
Take 2 hours after a meal or one hour before meals for 1 h. Spoon 3 times day.

The problem with freckles?

In the evening, wipe the face is very salty water. Do not rub. Leave overnight. In the morning wash with some water infused with lemon. Continue the procedure until the person is clean.
For oily skin with freckles few drops of lemon juice to drip into the egg white (if you have dry skin, the yolk). Apply on face for 20 minutes 2 times week. While on the face mask — do not laugh, relax. Good wash warm broth of parsley.

Problem — runny nose?

The tea in boiling water to pour in 0.5 cups of apple cider vinegar, and, hidden, making inhalation. Or put cotton wool soaked in honey, and hold for 10 minutes, first in one nostril, then the other.

When gout well help compresses of fresh burdock leaf.

When edema feet really helps gourd juice, it is necessary to drink half a cup per day.

When insomnia for half an hour before bedtime need to smell of valerian tincture.

From mastitis take a thick layer of pure wool, soak in warm water, wring out, lather soap and attach to the breast. Top cover with cellophane, tie wrap and warm woolen scarf. Making on night.

Broth sprigs of red currants heals the liver and the gastrointestinal

Decoction of willow twigs with rosehip — drunk as a tea for pain in the liver.

If you feel that the sore throat begins immediately for 5 minutes, swallow the saliva, by doing so, massage the throat.

Increased heart rate to help normalize the nervous chopped lemon, mixed with honey.

Problem — runny nose?

When the pain in the gall bladder, as well as feeling of heaviness after meals
good half lemon juice drink, which is dissolved in 0.5 h. tablespoons baking soda.

In chronic tonsillitis gargle with fresh juice of beets.

When coughing is helpful to eat 2-W ripe persimmon fruit 3 times a day.

In the treasury of recipes.

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