Salt excretion.

Salt excretion.

Salt excretion. Of salt deposits in the joints.

Salt excretion. Methods for removing salt from the body.

The deposition of salts are often the consequence of unhealthy eating habits and disorders of the internal organs. A large part of the salt is deposited in the spine, joints and muscles.

First of all, watch your diet. Discard the corned beef, refill the salad with lemon juice, apply to meat soy sauce. It is recommended to eat cottage cheese, dried fruit, raw vegetables: cabbage, beets, carrots.

Salt excretion. Of salt deposits in the joints.

Ways to salt excretion from the body very much, some are very simple:

1. Make a decoction of 20 grams of burdock roots. Drink one tablespoon three times a day. The course of treatment is a month. You can also pour boiling water on the burdock root with sorrel. Juice from the stem is not yet a blooming mug. Also a great way to get rid of excess salt in the body.

2.Take one kilo of horseradish. Grind it into a meat grinder. Pour the resulting mixture of four liters of cold water. Boil. After five minutes, boil, strain. Add a copper pound. The resulting broth should remain cold. A day is recommended to drink 1 glass. This treatment should not be repeated too often. Drink it twice a year.

3. Half a teaspoon of parsley fruits of garden grind into a fine powder, pour two cups of boiling water. The resulting mixture should insist for eight hours. Drink two or three tablespoons every two hours. Pregnant women, this method is contraindicated.

4. Twenty grams of strawberry leaves chopped, add a spoon of dried fruits, pour a glass of boiling water. infusion time — ten minutes. Drink three times a day for half a cup. A great way to salt excretion from the body!

5. Fresh juice of strawberries, too, will help bring the salt excess. Take half a kilo of berries, add a cup of sugar. Wait until juice appears, strain. Keep cold.

6. It is useful in such cases boiled potatoes. Cook it in a uniform, then the ceiling right in the water. Wait 4 hours until the broth is separated. Carefully pour off the water, and drink it.

7. Try the English way of salt excretion from the body: drink tea with milk, but do a special way: pour hot milk in the tea leaves. It turns out the healing drink!



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