Salt cosmetics.

Salt cosmetics.

Salt cosmetics.

Salt — the most common components of home care for the face, body and hair. Salt cosmeticsHe — the most affordable and cheap, because the salt found in any home. It is hard to overestimate, and wash, and bath with sea salt.
In addition, salt is an excellent cosmetic. Salt is often used for peeling and masks. It is very effective and useful.

Masks for face. Salt cosmetics.

For oily skin.

Stir 2 h. Spoon curd with an equal amount of vegetable or fruit juice. Add salt 1/4 h. Spoon. Mix and apply on skin. Again apply the same mask after 5-6 minutes. After 15 minutes, remove the mask with a spatula. Face rinse with salt water. After 15 minutes, apply your favorite cream for oily skin.

For combination skin.

Mix for 2 hours. mayonnaise and cream spoons and 1/4 hours. The small spoon of table salt. The mask is applied in two divided doses for 15-20 minutes. Then remove it with cold water mixed with the lotion half.

For dry and normal skin.

Two teaspoons of light cream, suitable for your skin type, mix with an equal amount of egg yolk. Add salt on the tip of the knife.
Add 15-20 drops of vitamins A and E in oil. Then, add 8-10 drops of vitamin D. The mask is applied to dry skin. Hold for 15 minutes. Then rinse with cold tea. The mask has a vitamin and stimulating effect. It is very useful for aging skin.

Deep cleaning for oily skin.

On a cotton swab dipped in soapy water, to collect a small amount of fine salt. Rub it in areas affected by black dots, for 1 minute, to further increase the length of the procedure up to 2-3 minutes (make sure that the skin is reddened and irritated). Perform a procedure after 1-3 days, depending on how the «sees» its your skin.

Salt cosmetics.

Water for rinsing the face.

Boil and cool to room temperature, 0.5 liters of water (boiled necessarily because thanks to this water becomes «soft», ie free from substances harmful to the body). Add 1 h. Spoon of salt.
Rinse your face after cleansing. Such water will complete the cleaning step and pull together the pores.

Almond milk.

Excellent nourishes the skin with age-related wrinkles.
Grind in a mortar and passed through a grinder or mill for pepper 25 g peeled almonds. Fill it 1/2 cup of warm boiled water, add salt to the tip of a knife, let stand, strain through cheesecloth.
Store milk in a cool place.
Before using the milk thoroughly shake it, take the palm of 1-2 h. Spoons of liquid to lubricate her face before apply a nourishing cream.

Salt peeling.

1 cup small table or sea salt and 1/2 cup oil for babies Mix in a bowl. Transfer to a jar. Allow to stand for 24 hours. You can apply this mixture on the body with light massage movements. The mixture will cleanse the pores and remove dead skin cells. Wash off after a few minutes.


Salt cosmetics.

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