Purification of nicotine.

Purification of nicotine.

Purification of nicotine.

Foods that cleanse the body from nicotine.

Smoking cessation. 

Purification of nicotine. You made a wise decision to quit smoking, but given this is not easy? Slightly change the diet and withdrawal and purification process will be faster.

Campaigning to stop smoking, I will not — because if you decide to read this article, all the important argument is already in your head. If you are planning to become pregnant, then be on cigarettes is at least six months prior to conception, so that the body has had time to be cleansed of toxins and restore damaged tissue of nicotine and tar.

Purification of nicotine.

In addition, smoking cessation, along with the future father of your baby, the chances of conception increase significantly, although male fertility and quality of sperm recovered after a couple of months after the complete rejection of cigarettes.

Statistics confirm that a complete cleaning of the lungs and the blood of nicotine and tar has been going for 3-5 days without cigarette smoke, but the recovery of injured organs may be delayed for six months or longer.

Purification of nicotine.

So Observations drug treatment, about a week after giving up an addiction can begin productive cough — this is a sign that the cilia of the epithelium of the lungs and bronchi reduced its work on the removal of phlegm. The duration and effectiveness of the body’s recovery depends on the length of smoking and number of cigarettes smoked.


Very simple and surprisingly effective way to help clean and restore the body. Drinking need at least 1.5 liters of clean water per day, you can vary the water green tea, stewed fruit, fruit drinks, sodas but will not be counted, moreover, these drinks can aggravate the situation and slow the cleansing process.

This amount of liquid is necessary in order to accelerate the process of removing toxins and reducing their concentration in the urine, which helps protect the kidneys.


Include in your diet as possible the number of oranges, mandarins, lemons. As is known, citrus best source of ascorbic acid that is not produced in the body and does not accumulate therein. Nicotine destroys vitamin C, and the need for it in smokers and those who just threw a cigarette is much higher than that of non-smokers.



Green broccoli simply irreplaceable product in many situations. The high content of B vitamins, pantothenic acid is especially important (vitamin B5), which regulates redox processes in the body, which is necessary for the affected organ cells, helping stabilize the mucous membranes, stimulates the production of adrenal hormones.

Furthermore, a substance found in broccoli that activates NRF2 gene protects against lung inflammation and destruction, and also prevents the malignant transformation of cells of the lung tissue.


Crane root an excellent tool that helps clean up not only the digestive tract, but the main filter, which suffered during smoking and the output of slag — the liver. Pectin, which is found in beet (as, incidentally, in most varieties of apples) helps detoxify the liver. You can drink beet juice, but quite simply there is salad of boiled beets, during heat treatment of its beneficial properties are not reduced.


The well-known source of beta-carotene, which is converted in the body into vitamin A. Long-smoking neutralizes the effect of this vitamin so important after the failure as soon as possible to restore it. Vitamin A deficiency leads to impaired vision, poor quality of the skin, nervous exhaustion. Vitamin A, as well as its precursor beta-carotene are powerful antioxidants that cleanse toxins from all body cells and support the work of the urinary system.


In addition you can add any spinach, leafy vegetables green — they are a major source of folic acid. Vitamin B9 helps to restore the capillary walls, beneficial effect on the nervous system and speeds up the process of removing toxins. In addition, folic acid normalizes the process of hematopoiesis, stabilizing the entire circulatory system and supports the immune system, thus speeding up the recovery of the affected organism.

In addition to proper diet will get rid of the effects of smoking will help physical activity — usually walk in the fresh air, but try to avoid the busy highways, your light is needed fresh air. Some experts recommend yoga and swimming, as well as a sauna.


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