Ways to stop smoking.

Ways to stop smoking.

Ways to stop smoking. How to quit smoking?

Why some people cope with this bad habit relatively easily. While others can not break out of the control of nicotine addiction?
Are there effective methods to overcome it? In this article we will talk about how to finally quit smoking.

A crushing blow to health.

By the strength of nicotine addiction is not inferior habits. Summing up the cigarette lighter, people tend not to think that they voluntarily send from three to four thousand different chemical compounds into the body. Which are not only toxic. But also contribute to the development of cancer cells. At the same time, nicotine itself is not the most dangerous element of this harmful bouquet.

! The fee for smoking is terrible. Damaged lungs, heart, blood vessels, organs of vision and hearing. Smoking can cause cancer, impotence. Complications of pregnancy, stomach ulcers, atherosclerosis, kidney disease.

Ways to stop smoking. 

From nicotine yellow teeth, hair loss, wrinkles on the skin. The complexion becomes yellowish. Nicotine promotes cell mutation. It is hereditary, affecting the health of the offspring.

At the same time, the most common form of drug addiction is due to the “incorporation” of legal drugs into the body’s metabolic processes. And stimulating the production of certain hormones.

There is a physiological and psychological dependence.

Physiological dependence. Attraction Treatment.

Replacement therapy is designed for those who want to fight physical addiction. The withdrawal syndrome is not dumping. Complicated mental, vegetative, somatic and neurological disorders resulting from the discontinuation of the use of this substance that caused the addiction.

This creates the effect of tobacco life. Because the brain as if receives the next portion of a cigarette smoke. This dramatically reduces the need to smoke.

1. The most popular means are special chewing gum. Being absorbed into the bloodstream through the mucous membrane of the oral cavity, nicotine enters the body in metered quantities. Without resin and other harmful substances. Nicotine gum is sold without a prescription.

However, this method of getting rid of smoking is not recommended for people suffering from peptic ulcer and gastritis. Since a small part of the nicotine enters with the saliva in the stomach.

2. Those who are afraid of getting better as a result of stopping smoking can try nicotine lozenges. They reduce the feeling of hunger. You can also buy at the pharmacy. Preparation for action begins about 30 minutes after sucking the candy in the mouth. It should be borne in mind that when using nicotine lozenges, side effects from the digestive tract may appear. Nausea, hiccups, heartburn and others.

! Smoking during use nicotine lozenges is strictly prohibited, it is very high risk of nicotine poisoning.

Ways to stop smoking. 

3. Nicotine patches help everyone. Who wants to overcome the unpleasant symptoms associated with tobacco cessation.

A necessary condition for treatment is the desire to quit smoking. If not, the patch is useless.

Nicotine enters the body through the skin during the day. The most effective patch works on the wrist, shoulder, or thigh. In the early days of therapy, you must use a plaster. It contains a higher percentage of nicotine. Over time, reducing its amount. It may cause itching, burning. Tingling of the skin at the patch gluing point.

4. Electronic cigarettes. In this method, substitution therapy is ambiguous. Nicotine enters the lungs. It is rapidly absorbed into the blood. 8 seconds after inhalation to the brain.

Analyzes of cartridges of electronic cigarettes showed the presence of carcinogens and gross differences in the composition. In addition, this method does not remove psychological dependence.

5. Clinical methods. CHAMPIX — an innovative product for the treatment of nicotine addiction. Prescribing medication is prescribed by a doctor. Has established itself as an effective remedy for smoking.

The active ingredient (varenicline) blocks specific receptors. Which interact with nicotine. As a result, eliminated craving for smoking.
Cigarette no longer gives pleasure to meet the expected. It even becomes unpleasant.

During treatment of physical dependence, doctors prescribe antidepressants. They contribute to the rejection of nicotine. Eliminate mood disorders associated with withdrawal syndrome. Even contribute to weight loss.

Psychological dependence.

Overcoming physical thrust is only the first step. The main thing is to take a cigarette out of your lifestyle. To cope with psychological dependence. She is much stronger. Stress, boredom, smoking for the company. Filling of pauses in a conversation, desire to calm down, to pause, fear of gaining weight.

Finally, the identity of a smoker who simply does not believe in his willpower … justify. Smokers «include» psychological defense mechanisms in their addiction. Typical phrases: «I smoke a little.»

How to deal with the psychological addiction?

Coding. The method — hypnotic suggestion, or verbal aversion to the process of smoking or the smell of cigarettes. But even if it deals with an experienced professional, the procedure does not provide an absolute guarantee against the occurrence of side effects. The problem is that awed could affect the state of mind.

In addition, the encoding is always a temporary effect of smoking, which means that after a certain period of time the patient turns out to be just as helpless psychological dependence.

Psychotherapy. Methods in which the emphasis is on the realization of the true motives that make smoking. There are programs where various psycho-techniques are used, aimed at «reprogramming of consciousness.» In psychotherapy groups to help find a replacement for smoking rituals determine the best ways of overcoming addiction, support in difficult times. Cons therapy due to the fact that psychotherapy takes time and desire to spend his smoker.

How to deal with the psychological addiction?

The book treats. Many smokers get rid of bad habits, reading the book Allen Carr’s «Easy Way quit smoking.» The author was able to pick up such words and so presented the problem that the text produced on the reader impact.

The logic of the narrative, a large number of specific numbers and results of medical research leads to the fact that smoking is no longer seen by the smoker as a pleasure and a way to relieve stress. During his life, Allen Carr to help quit smoking 25 million people and has opened 70 clinics in 30 countries. Now only the choice is yours: to smoke or not to smoke …

It is estimated that to deal with the physical addiction is easier than with the psychological: threw a pack, suffered a week or two, and it seems no longer pulls. However, not all so simple.
Much depends on what stage of his «novel» with a cigarette man decided to quit smoking.

In the first step smokers «for the company» smoked per day from 1 to 3-4 cigarettes a frequency of 1-2 times a week. Physical dependence on nicotine has not come yet, «newcomer» believes that he just «dabbles» in order to support the company. Health is not particularly worried.

In the second stage smoking become systematic. The number of cigarettes smoked each day comes to 7. Appears physical dependence, ie the need to remove the unpleasant sensations that occur during abstinence from smoking.

Ways to stop smoking. 

Someone stop there, but more often go to the third stage of the line when it is chronic intoxication (poisoning). Every day a person smokes a pack of cigarettes (plus or minus 5). Refrain from cigarettes is already very difficult. It appears irritability, disorders of the respiratory system, gastrointestinal tract.

Fourth stage nowadays reach a few. This severe chronic intoxication. A daily dose of from 1.5 to 3 packs per day, may not have the unfortunate without cigarettes. Health is deteriorating rapidly: bronchitis, low immunity, emphysema, cardiovascular failure — coronary heart disease, arterial occlusive disease, which ends amputation of legs … Changes internal organs are irreversible.

Symptoms of nicotine addiction are inevitable. This is a strong desire to feel again the smell and taste of tobacco, anxiety and irritability, inability to concentrate, depression, headaches, fatigue, insomnia, nervousness, dizziness …

To deal with the physical addiction to the stage 3 and 4 should only after consultation with the doctor.

Ways to stop smoking.

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