Migraine. 8 errors on the way to health.

If you think that a migraine is the same as an ordinary headache, only stronger. Migraine. You are wrong. What are the differences between them, the difference between treatment. Why do people still do not always understand that migraine is an independent disease?


Error One: assume that the headache — it’s just another name for a headache.

A common headache is usually bilateral, pressing. It creates the feeling that the head hoop is fastened.

When the pain with migraines is different: intense, throbbing. Often only on one side of the head. It is accompanied by nausea, intolerance of noise and light, general dizziness, inability to perform ordinary actions, such as bending.

Sometimes migraine is accompanied by turbidity. Or another disorder of unpleasant sensations in different parts of the body. Such as tingling and even speech disorders.

Therefore, people who suffer from recurring headaches are advised to see a doctor. It is necessary to find out whether this is a migraine or other problem.


Error two: take the first available tablet «from the head».

Migraines are treated differently than a normal headache. Apply not only an analgesic, but also special preparations from the group of triptans. They affect the receptors of serotonin in nerve cells associated with the development of migraine.

Therefore, people who suffer from this problem, but are mistaken for the usual headache, often do not feel relief from the usual painkillers. Only a doctor can diagnose medications for migraines. You need to choose the right medicine.


Error three: take the medicine a few hours after symptom onset.

Studies have shown that the earlier you take the pills for migraines, the faster the attack goes. He who waits several hours, hoping that the pain will disappear by itself. Often he then discovers that he eventually swallowed more pills than if he had.

!! At the onset of a migraine attack, you should immediately take special medications prescribed, and not just an analgesic. Do not lose precious time.

Error Four: exceed the maximum dose of the drug.

Severe migraine attack can cause a person to take more tablets than recommended.
! Remember: even if it is OTC, exceeding the maximum dose can cause irreversible damage.
Several years ago, the press follows the story of a young woman who was hospitalized in critical condition after taking an overdose of painkiller public, which can be bought over the counter without a prescription.

Error Five: do not tell your doctor about medications taken regularly from migraines or headaches.

Some medications for headache and migraine with regular long reception (over 6 months) may cause a dangerous addiction. Further intake of such drugs relieves headaches, but at the same time brings the next attack. Therefore, it is important to inform your doctor that you are taking certain medications, and often for a long time, so he could control the situation.

Error Six: take medications for migraine or headache in advance for prevention.

Tablets or migraine headaches are designed to stop it as soon as an attack is possible. They are not designed to prevent, so they can not be taken in advance.


Error Seven: treatment on the advice of friends.

Migraine and headache — only the individual states. For example, in some women during pregnancy migraine attacks are exacerbated, while others, on the contrary, are retreating. Some men headache passes an hour or two, while others continued more than a day. Thus, there is no sense to rely on the advice and recommendations of friends and relatives, even if your aunt sure she knows how to help you because all life is suffering from a headache.

Error Eight: ignore the problem.

Many people who suffer from migraines, are trying to cope with the problem on their own, considering it is not so serious to see a doctor. It’s a delusion.
Migraine seriously reduces the quality of life, preventing normal work, study and even to rest. Not by chance, the World Health Organization recognized migraine one of the most limiting normal activity of disease. Those with severe headache occurs more than once a month, you need to contact a physician or neurologist, get tested and get the best treatment.





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