Diet plans.

Diet plans.

Diet for the Stomach. Diet plans.

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The goal is to make your stomach become flat and elastic. It should look the same when you stand and when you lie on your back.

Eliminate the salt from the diet and reduce the consumption of foods from which the stomach grows: white bread, biscuits, cakes. Try to eat regularly and eat a little. In your diet should be enough oranges, lemon juice, watercress. Drink less coffee, but more water.

Breakfasts (choose one of the options):

A) a glass of dietary yogurt, one orange;
B) one soft-boiled egg, two crispy loaves.

Lunch: 250 grams of chicken (without skin) or fish, large portion of mixed salad.

Dinner: one steak cooked on the grill, 75 g of boiled beans, one orange.

Lunch and dinner you can swap places.

Snacks (two each day): one chocolate bar; A plate of lean soup.

Exercises: Sit on a chair, the back is straight, knees are shifted, the feet are pressed to the floor. Pull your arms forward, lower your chin, exhale, strain the muscles of your abdomen and slowly lean towards the floor. Inhale, exhale and return to the starting position. Repeat the exercise 5 times and gradually increase the norm.


diet plans

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