Effective diet for weight loss. 

MY DIET. After the birth, I began to gain weight quickly. During pregnancy I had to eat for two. And then I could not stop.

I used to wear size 38. Now you can only dream about this size. I was trying to count the number of calories. Has limited flour, sweet, fat. I ate fruit and vegetables.


But what a life, most of the time you are hungry. Hands themselves are trying to open the refrigerator and make a sandwich. Summer managed to lose weight. But in winter the weight returned back.

Then I started collecting recipes of different diets. But she could not choose the right: it is necessary to prepare vegetable soups, the washed rice to eat, then do some exotic fruits and vegetables to eat. And so the days of the plate is not waste — for the whole family cooking. Where is the time and effort to find that even for low-calorie dish to cook?

So somehow I came across an article watermelon diet. And he painted it was very tempting: a pier, with a small amount of calories eaten a large pulp gives a feeling of satiety, and a high water content prevents thirst. It was what I needed! And then during the fasting days nerves, like a string — at home I fail.

Moreover, it was written that this diet increases the release of excess salt. Regulates the acid-base balance and normalizes the intestines. I cover this diet, and just then, and the watermelon season.

I immediately bought two large watermelons. One for the family, the other for himself. Every day I had to eat about 8 kg of watermelon cellulose. 1 kg of cellulose per 10 kg of body weight.

The first day was easy for me. My stomach was full all the time. But I did not want to eat.

DIET has a drawback — you can not go far from the toilet.


On the second day it seemed to me that I was literally swollen from the liquid. But not the weight of pain in the abdomen, bloating was not. Within five days I could lose more than three kilograms.

The next ten days, I was a little to diversify the diet: for breakfast ate a small piece of cheese, unsweetened porridge on the water for dinner — a piece of boiled chicken without skin, fish, salad of fresh vegetables. A supper solid portion of watermelon — a kilogram for two and a half. During these days I have even got rid of 5 kg.

My joy knew no bounds. However, I made one mistake. Immediately after the diet is back to its usual food and, of course, again recovered.

But the next year I was smarter. Served on the watermelon diet, she lost weight and tried to normalize their food.
It consisted in the fact that I refused to sweet and starchy foods. Well, except that in the holiday letting a small piece of cake.
Every week to arrange fasting days — one, or even two.

Survive without food difficult, simply uncontrollable appetite. But it was not until as long as I was not advised to drink a decoction of maize stigmas. My friend said that from this broth of food do not remember.


I bought a couple of packets of these stigmas in the pharmacy. I started to prepare for the broth.
3 teaspoons pour a glass of boiling water. Tonify for 15 minutes in a water bath. Then filter. Allow to cool. Pour into the bottle. Walk everywhere with her. Saw, sipping broth. I ate something very low-calorie. For example, a couple of apples, a salad of boiled grated beets, low-fat cottage cheese, tea honey. For dinner — boiled fish or yogurt.

And surprise: there was no traction to the refrigerator.

And I was advised a great tool for weight loss, which used in India need to drink during the day every 40 minutes 5 sips of conventional hot water. At first difficult, but then you get used.

This allows me to keep a normal weight: fasting days each week, hot water on the other days when I feel that weight crept up and, of course, every autumn — watermelon diet.






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