Borovaya uterus for women.

Borovaya uterus for women.

Borovaya uterus for women.

Borovaya uterus (or one-sided ortilia) has long been known to traditional healers as an effective remedy for many pathologies of the female reproductive system.

Despite its nondescript appearance, this herb contains various potent substances that can be of great benefit. Speaking about the properties of drugs based on boron uterus, they definitely mention reliable disinfectant and anti-inflammatory, as well as antitumor, diuretic and anticoagulant effects.

Thanks to these qualities, using this plant, you can get rid of inflammation in the genital area, cure many diseases of the uterus (adhesions, obstruction, fibroids, cysts, polyps, erosion and bleeding), ovaries (cysts), and endometriosis, as well as regulate the menstrual cycle and relieve severe forms of menopause.

In terms of pregnancy, funds prepared from the boron uterus become useful for fixing the fetus, which is especially useful in cases of increased risk of miscarriage.

In addition to problems with the internal genital organs, the boron uterus is also used as a remedy for hemorrhoids, some diseases of the bladder (cystitis) and kidneys (pyelonephritis)

It also becomes useful in the treatment of breast tumors (fibroadenoma, mastopathy), the development of which depends on sex hormones, as well as diseases of the uterus. Regular use of the boron uterus is necessary to treat problems that lead to infertility.

Traditionally, the boar uterus is considered a female helper rather than a male one, but methods and recipes for healing the prostate gland with its help are known.

In the composition of the extract of orthilia, scientists have found such active components: coumarins, ascorbic acid, hydroquinone, bitter substances, flavonoids, saponins and acids (tartaric and citric). I

n addition to them, in the treatment of diseases, trace elements contained in the pine grass play an important role: copper, titanium, manganese and zinc.

The duration of treatment with a boron uterus depends on the severity of the disease and the degree of its neglect. Experts say that every year the course of the disease adds 300 ml of tincture to the general course of treatment.

Boron uterus is most often used in three dosage forms:

Boron uterus broth — for cooking, take one tablespoon of the herb, pour hot water and put on a steam bath for gentle boiling for five minutes. The resulting broth is infused for another four hours, filtered and set aside in a dark cool place. To obtain the desired effect, the intake is carried out daily, one tablespoon 5 times a day. It is necessary to clarify that this recipe is suitable for the herb of its own collection. Borovaya uterus, bought in a pharmacy, depending on the manufacturer, has a different grind size, which is why the recipe for preparing a decoction changes in the direction of increasing or decreasing the amount of raw materials used and the volume of consumption. Therefore, factory fees are best used only according to the recipe developed by the manufacturer.

Alcohol tincture of boron uterus — is a more concentrated and strong form. To prepare it, you need to make 40-degree alcohol (it is not recommended to take vodka for tincture), by diluting medical alcohol with purified or spring water. Next, half a liter of the resulting alcohol solution should be poured into 50 grams of grass and left to infuse for three weeks in a place protected from light. The finished infusion must be filtered and poured into small containers, in which it is convenient to use a pipette. For three months, daily, three times a day, you need to take a tincture, adding about 20-30 drops to 5-10 ml of water.

The solution for douching the boron uterus is made by pouring 300 ml of boiling water into a container with two tablespoons of dry boron grass.

You can start taking ortilia one-sided on any day of the menstrual cycle without focusing on the schedule. The constant use of the boron uterus throughout the cycle can solve the problem with ovarian cysts — they dissolve without a trace.

Compliance with the hormonal balance with the help of the borax uterus occurs due to the presence of phytoestrogens in the herb, which increase the efficiency of the body’s own estrogens at a reduced level, and prevent the influence of hyperestrogenism on the reproductive system.

Borovaya uterus for women.

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