Losing weight on a buckwheat diet.

Losing weight on a buckwheat diet.

Losing weight on a buckwheat diet.

Losing weight on a buckwheat diet. The buckwheat diet, although it consists of only one main product, is not as harmful to the body as some other mono-diets, since buckwheat is extremely nutritious and contains many vitamins.

According to nutritionists, it gives a fairly quick result with its short duration. Recommendations will help you get out of the diet smoothly enough so that the pounds that have gone do not return immediately back.

Pros of buckwheat diet

The principle of the buckwheat diet is to eat only buckwheat for a week or two. There are more gentle varieties where it is allowed to add dried fruits, honey, natural juices, kefir and yogurt to the diet. Such a diet is easier to tolerate, however, the effect of it is less.

A noticeable result in a short time — what is expected from all diets. The buckwheat diet is short-lived, and at the same time has a tangible effect.

Compared to other mono-diets, buckwheat is not so depleting of the body, since this cereal contains many vitamins and minerals.

The economy of such a diet is also important, buckwheat is quite cheap and affordable.

Cons of buckwheat diet.

Despite the benefits of buckwheat, eating only it is hard enough for the intestines, and bloating, pain, and digestive problems are possible. When these signs appear, the diet should be stopped.

With a sharp exit from the diet, a quick mass gain is possible. The exhausted body intensively consumes the foods finally allowed to it and puts it “in reserve” in order to survive the possible next stressful period of the hunger strike.

Menu for 7 days on buckwheat diet

You need to eat from 150 to 250 grams of dry buckwheat per day. Green or brown cereals should not be boiled, but evaporated. To do this, pour one part of buckwheat with 2.5 parts of boiling water and close the container by wrapping it in a towel. During the night, the cereal will be ready, and the vitamins in it will not be destroyed.

At the same time, salt, sugar, seasonings are completely excluded, that is, they eat buckwheat «empty». If it is hard to chew, it is allowed to mix buckwheat with low-fat kefir.

There are four meals, the main ones in the morning until 17-18 hours. Be sure to drink plenty of water and take a multivitamin.

The menu would look like this:

Day 1-7

Breakfast: 50 grams of buckwheat, green tea without sugar
Second breakfast: 50 grams of buckwheat, water
Lunch: 100 grams of buckwheat, tea or water
Dinner: 50 grams of buckwheat, tea

Menu for 14 days on buckwheat diet

If it is difficult to adhere to the hard option, then 100 grams of dried fruits, a spoonful of honey and unsweetened fruits and green vegetables are added to the daily diet. If you feel hungry between the main meals of buckwheat, you can drink low-fat kefir or yogurt without additives, fruit juices.

In this case, the diet is lengthened by a week, since the result will not be so obvious. The sparing form of buckwheat diet is easier to tolerate and less harmful to the body.

A sample menu every day would look like this:

Day 1-14

Breakfast: 50 gr buckwheat, black coffee
Second breakfast: a glass of kefir or a handful of dried fruits
Lunch: 100 grams of buckwheat, tea
Afternoon snack: snack with unsweetened fruit or vegetable: apple, cucumber, tomato; or a glass of tomato juice (no salt)
Dinner: 50 grams of buckwheat, you can season with yogurt without additives


Due to the fact that carbohydrates in cereals are complex, their breakdown takes a long time, so the feeling of satiety comes quickly and lasts for a long time.

With a lack of nutrients, the body begins to draw energy from fat reserves, thereby losing extra pounds. In a week, you can lose up to 10 kg, but the first few days they may not go away due to a sufficient amount of carbohydrates. The greater the initial weight, the greater the loss due to the diet.

Losing weight on a buckwheat diet.

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