Diet of models.

Diet of models.

Diet of models.

Diet of models. Maintaining a slim figure is an important part of a model’s job. It is among the representatives of the modeling business that diets are very popular, making it possible to quickly lose 2-3 extra pounds before an important show or event. In fact, all model diets are hungry fasting days with strict dietary restrictions.

The diet of these diets is based on protein foods, protein and complex carbohydrates. This allows you to keep energy reserves and muscle tone at the required level, and the low calorie content of dishes makes it possible to lose weight.

Diet of models and its varieties

One option is the Models’ Three Day Diet.

Every day you need to exactly repeat the following diet:

breakfast — 1 soft-boiled egg;
snack — 130 grams of low-fat cottage cheese and tea without sugar;
lunch — repeats the snack menu;
dinner is missing.
After lunch, you can drink water without gas. The interval between meals should be about 2.5 hours. Adhering to this diet, it is possible to lose up to 1 kg of weight per day.

Models’ diet for 1 week:

breakfast — 2 soft-boiled eggs, a dried slice of bread with butter, green tea without sugar;
snack — unsweetened green tea;
lunch — boiled dietary meat or fish (100 grams), salad of green peas, spinach and beans, seasoned with vegetable oil, 2 fruits, tea;
afternoon tea — unsweetened green tea;
dinner — boiled dietary meat and green vegetables (50/300 grams), 2 toasts, green tea.
It is important to drink hot tea, it helps to cleanse the body more effectively than cold liquid. It is forbidden to eat bananas from fruits.

These diets should be treated with caution. They cannot be a nutritious diet, a daily diet for life. This menu does not provide the body with all the vitamins and minerals it needs.

To return to the usual diet, it is necessary to gradually add stewed or steamed vegetables to the diet, increase the amount of meat (preferably dietary) and dairy products.

Diet of models.

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