Body care.

Body care.

Body care.

Skin care products.

What a pleasure to deliver during the cold season or bath aromatic bath! In addition to pleasant sensations, the water treatments are significant benefits: health, beauty, help in the fight against excess weight and cellulite.

In the bath actively work through problem areas brooms: oak, birch — any deciduous, then fir, spruce, juniper.

Scattering of small red spots on the body will take place in a few days, but the action of conifers brooms cellulite can not be overestimated.

They work in two directions: essential oils penetrate into steamed out skin, and coniferous needles act like needles while acupuncture. After a steam bath as well a massage with anti-cellulite cream,
He will work much more efficiently.

Toning Mask-wrapping. Body care.

Fill cosmetic clay boiled water and let it brew for a few hours. Water does not shake! Problem areas, which will impose a mask, massage hard sponge, you can also make peeling salt.

Then soak the bandages in the «clay» water and gently wrap problem areas. Bandages do not tighten. Mask Insulate woolen tights for 40 minutes, relax and lie down. Then remove the mask and rinse the skin with water. Rub cellulite cream.

Anti-cellulite bath with cinnamon

Mix 5 drops of cinnamon oil in 0,5 glass of slightly warm milk, pour into a hot water bath. Take no more than 5 minutes.

Anti-cellulite and anti-stress bath with essential oils

Mix 2 drops of orange oil, 2 — grapefruit, 2 — cypress. The emulsifier is best suited cream — 0.5 cups.

Add 5 drops of this mixture in water with a temperature of 36-38 ° and bathe before bedtime 2 times per week.

Body care


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