Useful linen

Useful linen.

In folk medicine, the herb of linseed has long been used as anthelmintic, antiseptic, analgesic, choleretic, astringent, cardiotonic, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, early-lethal, laxative, antispasmodic.

Infusions and decoctions of herb linseed have long been used in people with headache and joint pain, with intestinal colic, hernia, chronic constipation, flatulence.
Use linseed with cystitis, urolithiasis, edema, jaundice, cough, pulmonary tuberculosis, anemia, thrombophlebitis, metabolic disorders. Effective is linen and with urinary incontinence.

Widely used linseed in the treatment of skin diseases, using its infusions in the form of lotions for psoriasis, lichen, fungal lesions, acne, boils, ulcers, burns, as well as for bathing children with diathesis, allergies.

To make a teaspoon of chopped herb linseed, pour 200 ml of steep boiling water, insist for an hour, strain. Take a tablespoon 3-4 times a day, preferably 30 minutes before eating.

In addition, since linseed somewhat increases blood pressure,
Her infusion is recommended for hypotension.

For external purposes, linseed is used as an anti-inflammatory agent for washing the eyes with conjunctivitis, for rinsing the throat with tonsillitis, for washing the wounds.

How my sister cured me

I want to talk about how my sister cured me once, including using linen.
Once, while preparing the herbs in the village, I ran into a branch and hurt my eyes. I almost fainted, tears flowed, my eyes flushed.
I got home, lay down, and the next day could not get up:
No strength, the general condition is bad.
Then the sister says: before I go to the doctor, let me try to treat you.

On a sheet of white paper she put a little powdered sugar, told me to look at this sheet — and how will blow — sugar dust flew into my eyes.
At first I felt the pain in my eyes, tears flowed, and then everything dissolved and it became easier.
And my sister says: «We treat goats like that when they hurt our eyes»
3-4 days she did to me on this procedure.
But even without linjanka treatment could not do: buried in the eyes of a decoction of linseed.
For its preparation, a tablespoon of finely chopped linen was poured with a glass of boiling water and poured for 10 minutes (it is absolutely necessary to exhale, as we drip this solution in the eyes), insisted.
Dripped 3-4 drops in each eye 3 times a day.
As a result of such a complex treatment, the eye passed, the forces recovered.
Lotion from linseed is useful for fractures of bones.
As an antitumor agent, linseed is used for polyps and warts.

Some phytotherapeutists pay tribute to the linseed in the treatment of tumorous diseases, including it in various antitumor charges.


Useful linen.



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