Altai healer — red brush.

Altai healer - red brush.

Altai healer — red brush.

Natural health remedies.

Altai healer — red brush. I want my knowledge to be useful to someone. Today I want to write about the plant. It is called a phonograph cold.
Another name is red brush. It is endemic to Altai. It grows only in the mountains of Altai, in the mountains, and nowhere in the world it is not.

Of all currently known plants (and drugs), the red brush has one of the best immune and adaptogenic properties for humans. Its biological composition contains anthocyanins and betaine, which gives it a red color.

Used to successfully treat atherosclerosis, anemia, leukemia. Even with heart disease, hernia of the heart.

Red brush — a natural gift to the woman. In folk medicine of the Altai and Prealtai steppes, the red brush is used by women for the complete treatment of mastitis, uterine fibroids. Also from erosions, cysts, endometriosis, painful and irregular periods, tumors. The red brush has a pronounced hemostatic and mild tonic effect. Relieves spasms of cerebral vessels.

Red brush — a unique natural hormone. Eliminates endocrine disorders: goiter, lymph node disease, diseases of the adrenal glands and others. It can be successfully used to treat cancer. It is also used for other serious diseases of bacterial and viral origin. Used to treat not only women.

Methods of application:

• 50 g of dried root red brush chop, pour 0.5 liters of high-quality vodka, insist in a dark glass container for at least 30 days in a dark place, shaking occasionally. Strain. Admission for adults: 30-40 drops (partial teaspoon) three times a day for 30-40 minutes before meals.
Course of treatment: drink all the medicine (about 30 days).

• 50 g of dry roots crushed red brush. Tablespoon of root pour 300 ml of water and boil for 5 minutes in a sealed container, then infuse for at least an hour. Reception on the third of 3 times a day for 30-40 minutes before meals with natural honey. The course of treatment 30-45 days.


Altai healer - red brush.

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