Treatment of pancreatitis.

Treatment of pancreatitis.

folk remedies treatment of pancreatitis

On peculiarities of treatment of pancreatitis using traditional medicine
«Of course, with the help of medication, we greatly facilitate the participation of the pancreas, replacing it with their own work the influence of drugs. But when canceling all happen again.

Does this mean that if pancreatitis have to take pills for life?
Fortunately, there is: the structure and function of the organ can try to normalize using nutrition and herbs. Of course, in chronic pancreatitis does not do without drugs. But with patience and perseverance, you can gradually replace the lion’s share of herbal medicines. This, above all, the grass, the ability to normalize the selection and removal of bile.
They are usually used in the form of decoctions. For example, take 1 tbsp. l. immortelle, tansy, chamomile, dandelion root, knotweed. Mixture brew in 1 liter of boiling water and to insist 1.5-2 hour. Broth take daily a glass 30 minutes before a meal before every meal, it significantly facilitates the work of the pancreas and removes it inflammatory and congestion.

In the summer of this therapy is necessary to reinforce reception plantain juice. Fresh, it contains vitamin the R, which is a natural hepatoprotector. Throughout the year you can take sea buckthorn oil to 1 teaspoon per day before meals 1 month receive 3 months — break, then — a new course. The oil is especially helpful if pancreatitis appeared on the background of peptic ulcer or erosive gastritis.

All patients pancreatitis recommend replacing the tea and coffee in the vitamin drink: Mix a handful of berries of wild rose, buckthorn, mountain ash and a pinch of mint to taste. Brew this tea all year round, and you will feel the results.

In addition, each patient in the diet should be included pancreatitis dishes containing all species of fennel and cabbage. It should be remembered that any attack of pain relieved by fasting: only drink alkaline water. And then adjusted overall diet.

It is necessary to replace all grains except buckwheat, on the vegetable side dishes. If pancreatitis is the main part of the food should be of protein origin, because it will use the protein pancreatic cells for building and repair. The protein source — is, above all, low-fat meat: chicken, veal, lean beef — boiled or steam, and it is better — in the form of meatballs. Very useful stuffed vegetables, baked in the oven: squash, tomatoes, eggplant, squash, pumpkin … To accept food follows often and in small portions.

Soups eat very carefully and only in the form of light soups, puree or clear vegetable soup. »
After listening to this little lecture, I, as the owner of the excess weight, vowed to take this opportunity to start prevention of pancreatitis since Monday.

Diet for pancreatitis

Sample menu for the patient pancreatitis on day 1:
All day 200 g of stale bread and 30 grams of sugar.
Before each meal — a decoction of herbs.
After each meal — 1 cup of vitamin tea.

BREAKFAST: Steam meat patties — 110 g, oatmeal with milk — 150 g

Second breakfast: boiled chicken breast — 110 g low-fat cottage cheese — 130 g

LUNCH: before eating — a decoction of herbs and the juice of plantain and sea buckthorn oil inside,

pureed vegetable soup with cabbage and potatoes — 250 g, steam Burgers Meat — 110 g diet for pancreatitis + apple-carrot puree — 130 g

DINNER: Steam protein omelet from 2 eggs with fennel, chicken meatballs — 110 g

At night — a glass of fruit jelly on xylitol.


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