Myocardial infarction.

At the age of 50 years, I have suffered a myocardial infarction

ROAD TO LIFE. Before that, my life could not be called healthy — for 12-14 hours a day at work, smoking a pack a day, often drinking, and what is a healthy diet, generally had no idea.

Lying in the hospital, I found out that only half of experiencing a heart attack, and the rest die. Glad for myself, but still a threat forever remain until the end of life of the disabled disabled person is very depressed me.

After the hospital, I was sent to rehabilitation in the sanatorium, and there I was determined to revise their way of life. The very first step, however, is inevitable for me was a complete rejection of cigarettes and alcohol.

Much has changed and their diet. The first time after my illness I do ate only fruits, vegetables and nuts. Still lying in the hospital brought his wife drink carrot juice every day and eating grapes. Gradually I began to include in your diet fish, chicken, cereal, bread. Dressed with olive oil meal, completely eliminating the sour cream, mayonnaise and butter. Drinking a lot of green tea, which helped quickly to significantly reduce blood cholesterol levels.

In principle, such a diet I stick and still, virtually excluded from the diet of red meat and milk. Lately carried away with soy meat and milk me great substitute for dairy products. Each week, I spend unloading hunger — starving for 24 hours, most of it with dinner on Sunday before dinner on Monday.

And on Sunday I eat mostly light vegetable dishes, and dinner Monday — vegetable juice or steamed without salt and butter vegetables. By the way, I also salt severely restricted — the maximum daily norm for me now teaspoon without top.

But what really helped me to get back to normal — this exercise. In the first months after a heart attack the most important procedure for me was walking. I went every day, starting in the resort with 300 meters, and four months later was already a daily route of 10 kilometers. After 8 months, I slowly began to run. Now I run every day for an hour, carefully observing the pulse.

And most importantly, what I would like to say to all the people. Lifestyle depends only on us. Changing the chaotic way of life on a healthy does not require any material costs, we need only to make a little effort on, have the will and patience.

Change the internal motivation — understand, finally, that the main value in life — it’s your health, and replace it with nothing can not. It is important that observance of healthy lifestyle principles become your belief and deeply penetrate into your mind. And even if some restrictions are perceived naturally, with the knowledge that everything you do is for the good of your health.


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