The symptoms of herpes.

The symptoms of herpes.


Bubbles or characteristic rash on the lips, the body or the genitals.
Sometimes bubbles coalesce in a great spot, and the skin becomes close to reddish hue. After 3-4 days blisters burst, in their place are formed sores, which gradually covered with crusts. On-site rash felt pain and tenderness, and pain may persist even after the wound has long time.

General weakness, fever, chills may be accompanied by a recurrence of herpes. In rare cases, herpes can be accompanied by worsening of muscle weakness, severe headache and dizziness, nausea and vomiting, loss or change of taste and smell, faintness. These symptoms, especially in children, are very dangerous and require immediate medical intervention. Do not try to get rid of blisters or remove scabs, in order to avoid of infection to other areas of the body.

If «fever» lips persists for two weeks, it is necessary be sure to consult your doctor, since herpes can
be a symptom of other serious diseases. Long-term presence of cutaneous manifestations of herpes may indicate the presence of tumors in the body or HIV infection.

! To prevent infection with the herpes virus thoroughly wash your hands after being in public transport, touch banknotes hands before eating, after using public restrooms.

! With genital herpes should refrain from sexual intercourse, you can not touch the areas affected by herpes, use someone else’s lipstick, kissing, touching the eyes with unwashed hands.

For the treatment of the manifestations of herpes is currently used by two
Types: antivirals ambulance (Zovirax, Acyclovir, Valtrex, etc..), as well as immunomodulators (tsikloferon, immunal, amiksin, etc…). Moreover, it is advisable to stimulate the immune defense as a prophylactic measure, without waiting for the exacerbation — in the off-season, autumn and spring.

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