Can herpes be cured.

can herpes be cured

«Antivirus» treats ARVI, lichen and herpes.

Can herpes be cured.

The Institute of Naturopathy conducted tests of this plant for the maintenance of salicylic compounds in it and their effect on diseases such as ARVI, herpes zoster, lip and genital herpes. Can herpes be cured.

Can herpes be cured. Long-term clinical studies have shown that the flowers of the pubescent have an antiviral effect, thanks to the gulterin, from which hydrolysis produces methyl salicylate.

In the course of the trials, a new highly effective therapeutic herbal preparation was proposed, called «Antivirus», which included tyavlaga vyazolistnaya.

Can herpes be cured.

Infusion «Antivirus» is prepared on 20% alcohol or vodka, dissolved in half with water. Take 20 grams of flowers and 5 grams of calendula flowers.

The mixture is placed in a bottle with a screw cap, pour 125 g vodka and as much water and put in a pan with hot (about 90 °) water for 1 hour, changing after 30 minutes cooling water.

Then the drug is cooled to room temperature, filtered and drink 2.5 teaspoons before breakfast, lunch and at bedtime 3 days for ARVI, 5 for herpes and 10 days for shingles.
With herpes, in addition, a three-time (after eating) lubrication of rashes.

Can herpes be cured.

The use of this drug gives a cure, for example, of a respiratory infection in literally 1 day, of labial and genital herpes — in 2-3 days, instead of 7-10 days, shingles — in 5 days, instead of two months.

But after removing the acute period of the disease, we recommend taking the drug for at least 3 more days.
By the way, herpes is cured for 1 day, if you managed to start treatment in time.

Noticing the reddening of the skin or feeling itching characteristic for herpes, use a cotton swab every 2-3 hours to grease the place of the future rash. In this case, rashes may not be at all.

This is especially valuable in herpes simplex. Apply «Antivirus» and for the treatment of hepatitis and pancreatitis of viral origin. With these diseases, the drug is taken in combination with other medicinal preparations for 2.5 tsp 3 times a day for 2 weeks.

Noticeable results of treatment give even simple reception of flowers of the twill.
In this case, a teaspoon of flowers must be chewed and swallowed.


can herpes be cured


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