Healer — Aloe

Healer — Aloe

headache remedies

I want to tell you a case when a house plant relieved me of a monstrous headache.

It so happened that due to a strong and unpleasant fall during repairs in the apartment, I received a slight concussion.
The bruise is strong, but the concussion is insignificant — the neighbor diagnosed me with a medical education.
In general, everything would be fine, but just in the evening the head just split the beginning. Almost the whole night I suffered, and in the morning to the neighbor for advice went.

I did not want to quit my job, I had to finish the «big construction» there is no time for doctors and hospitals to go.

headache remedies
For my benefit, the neighbor knew my tool, and a suitable plant on my windowsill stood, as in many houses.
With concussion and headaches, according to him, fresh aloe juice helps a lot, if you drink it on a teaspoon 3 times a day before meals.
Indeed, the pain let go quickly. I, of course, continued to drink the medicine and further, until full recovery, but most importantly, we finished the work.




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