Diet for arthritis.

Diet arthritis patient.

Of great importance in the treatment of arthritis of the joints is given proper nutrition. So to support the national treatment you need to follow a balanced diet. Therefore, in order to at least remove the symptoms of arthritis, you must enter in your diet fruits and vegetables (yellow and orange), nuts. In this case you should remove food, which lead to increased levels of uric acid in the blood, and especially the deposition of uric acid salts in the joints.
Purine abundant meat, caviar black, liver, kidneys, lungs, tongue. From plant food — mushrooms, beans, spinach, cauliflower, peanuts. From drinking should be limited to cocoa, tea, coffee.

The diet of the patient’s arthritis joints should consist of:

fruits and vegetables — a day should be consumed three servings of vegetables and two servings of fruit, if the portion considered as half cup of cooked food;
bread and cereals — six servings if one portion considered one loaf, a piece of bread or a cup of cooked cereal;
Milk and milk products — two portions if the portion assume a cup of milk or, for example, 40 grams of cheese (and milk products thereof must be degreased);
lean meat, poultry, fish, eggs, nuts and legumes — one serving, if a portion of assumed 100 grams of the finished product.

It is particularly important that the diet contained arthritis products with omega-3 acids, which reduce inflammation — a marine grade oily fish. If kakim- reason fish can not consume, it can completely replace linseed oil.

Recently, for the treatment of joint diseases is widely advertised rice diet, which supposedly displays the body of salt deposits. A glass of rice is soaked overnight, in the morning the water is drained, add two cups of clean (preferably filtered) water, in which the cooked rice. The cooked rice is washed and divided into four portions. A whole day can only eat this rice, before meals drink a glass of water. Between the techniques of rice can consume broth hips.
On the second day you can eat a pound of boiled beet and one, two apples. It is believed that such a two-day discharge should be carried out every week. However, it should be borne in mind that the rice diet is contraindicated in case of problems with a chair and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

What should be excluded from the diet:

alcohol, strong tea and coffee;
spicy seasonings, spices and pickles (exception — ginger and turmeric);
limit the amount of fat, salt and sugar;
foods containing omega-6 fats (fatty meats, most vegetable oils, durum wheat, sunflower seeds, nuts;
foods containing trans-fats (popcorn, chips, crackers, French fries, cakes, margarine);
limit consumption of egg yolks, red meat and offal (especially gout).
Negative impact on patients with gout may have eggplant, peppers, potatoes and tomatoes. If the patient’s condition after the consumption of these products is deteriorating, they should also be excluded from the diet.

Diet for arthritis


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