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Diet for gouty arthritis.

Diet for gouty arthritis.People with gouty arthritis should follow a diet. In order to avoid attacks of gouty arthritis. Diet for gouty arthritis.One of the elements that can adversely affect the health of a patient with gout is salt. Salt should be limited to 5-8 g per day. It is also forbidden to eat meat, meat broth and fish, animal bowels, meat of young offspring of animals. Eat less foods like vegetables, beans and spinach.

Therapeutic baths for gout.

Therapeutic baths for gout.

Therapeutic baths for gout. Baths made of Siberian larch. Therapeutic baths for gout. 300 g of the end branches of larch with needles pour 5 liters of boiling water. Insist 2 hours, strain, pour into the bath water. The bath temperature — 36-38 ° C, duration — 20 min. In the course of treatment — […]

Reactive Arthritis.

Reactive Arthritis. Many older people suffer from age-related diseases of the joints. Reactive Arthritis. Folk and official medicine is looking for and is looking for at least a stable and long-lasting remission for this disease. But there are often cases when ordinary medicines and folk remedies do not give the desired effect. Then we can […]

Methods for treating arthritis.

Methods for treating arthritis. Oats has a bracing, tonic, enveloping, choleretic, diuretic, anti-inflammatory and hematopoietic act: — Improves and updates the composition of the blood, preventing the formation of blood clots; Methods for treating arthritis.

Spurs cure easily.

garlic vinegar

Spurs cure easily.I never wore tight shoes. And for a long time I do not like to walk long. But I am so lucky — and it hurts to walk two steps! Spurs cure easily.At first I expected everything to go on its own. But as time passed, my heels continued to hurt. Then I began to fear that I would start a disease. Nothing will help me. I turned to my friends for help.

Herbs for joint.

Herbs for joint.Joint pain treatment. Almost everyone knows that the disease of the joints is nothing more than a manifestation of a violation of salt metabolism. And for any disease, it is not the symptoms that should be treated, but the real cause. Therefore, when I started to hurt my joints on my arms, arthritis first made itself felt. I decided to fight the disease from the inside.