Skin allergy.

Skin allergy.

Bath treats allergy. Skin allergy

Skin allergy. I want to talk about how, without expecting it, I cured my son of an allergy. And it happened, where would you think? In the bath!

There, in a real country bathhouse, I ended up with my one-year-old son. Naturally, the first time we swam just a few minutes. But every time the time spent in the steam room increased.

By the end of the summer season, the bath was about 30 minutes.

My son prepared for the couple sitting on the top shelf with great pleasure. He even tried to spank the broom.

By the way, about brooms. Over time, I read quite a lot of literature about baths, Russian steam rooms. Also about the rules of steam treatment and the use of brooms. Therefore, having become an avid «bannik», I began to apply knowledge in practice.

In particular, when adding water, I added a tincture of eucalyptus or fir oil. Very seriously, we approached the choice of brooms.
The most affordable, popular and at the same time the best, of course, is the birch broom.

But sometimes we went to the bathhouse, taking a broom from fresh nettle with us. And during breaks we drank tea with leaves of lingonberry, mint, currant. Sometimes with honey or cranberries or cranberries.

Skin allergy.

I have repeatedly heard the opinion. Almost every child will eventually overtake diathesis (allergy).
These rumors persist in people. And their main “suppliers” are usually mothers. Whose children have affected this problem.

Before I studied this year, I was sure that this disease would bypass us.
Anyway, I was not very good at my son’s food. Almost six months later, he ate «adult» food. It was not a system, but sometimes we fed him soup or side dish from the common table. We drank kefir from the store. By the year we already knew which candies and chocolates. I already sighed with relief, glad that he had no signs of diathesis, when suddenly …

In the fall, when my son was a year and a half, and I gave him one day. He began a brutal diathesis.
Red cheeks appeared on the cheeks. The skin on the cheeks and chin became dry, scaly.

And in the morning the redness almost disappeared. And in the evening, especially when the little son overdid or became ill, the spots became brighter and larger in diameter.
A local pediatrician diagnosed with allergic dermatitis. Prescribed a strict diet, which was extremely difficult to notice, almost impossible.

In addition, in the first days of kindergarten, the child had a runny nose, cough and reddened throat. A week later, he was already home with a characteristic and well-known diagnosis of ARVI.

After staying at home for 2 weeks, I again took my son to the nursery. But after 3 days he stayed at home.

Up to 2 years, I no longer tried to send my son to the nursery. But my health was and diathesis on cheeks «bloomed.» I had to do something. To restore the immunity of the child. Get rid of allergies.

And then I remembered the summer, our frequent trips to the bath. In the end, the child ate everything without dividing the food into «adults» and «children.» And not limited to candy, fruit. The same oranges. He drank cow and goat’s milk, sometimes raw. And there was no allergy, diathesis, because there was no snot, no cough. And I decided to renew this summer tradition.

Skin allergy.

I found a decent city bath near the house, however, we went there not every week, but 2-3 times a month. In the first months I noticed an obvious improvement in the state of health of my son: the runny nose and cough disappeared without a trace, a good complexion and a healthy glow appeared, and the diathesis gradually began to disappear, and the skin became more smooth and soft. And most importantly, my son quickly developed physically and strengthened.

Now my son is in his fourth year. This is a completely healthy, strong boy, we have no allergy at all. And, probably, great value in his life, more precisely, in his health, played a bath.
For the past three years, we regularly go to a Russian bath, and for all this time the son has never been ill with any colds.
Of course, a cold with a cough he «brought» from the garden, but the best medicine for this, as well as the prevention of colds, was a Russian steam room.
Yes, and immunity due to a good pair and fragrant brooms, he has significantly improved. I’m calm for him: while he loves a bath, loves brooms and is not afraid of a strong couple — no infection to him will not stick.


Skin allergy.

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