Infusions from hemorrhoids.

Infusions from hemorrhoids.

Infusions from hemorrhoids.

Phyto-therapy is considered a good method to combat internal hemorrhoids. It is recommended to use infusions prepared at home for up to four months (unless there are special recommendations).

Mono Infusions

High efficiency is demonstrated by celandine treatment. A teaspoon of dried herbs is steamed with a glass of boiling water for half an hour. After filtering, use begins — a pair of cups per day.
The plant is poisonous, so it is better not to carry out independent treatment at home.

To 300 milliliters of hot moisture add a tablespoon of crushed green horse sorrel. After cooling, squeeze. Drink a cup at bedtime with internal hemorrhoids.

The recipe is indicated for bleeding. Take four large tablespoons of crushed viburnum bark, pour a glass of boiling water for thirty minutes. Filter and heat in a water bath. Top up with clean liquid to the original volume and drink a tablespoon up to three times a day.

Two small spoons of the crushed dandelion root are poured into a glass of chilled boiled moisture for eight hours. Use four times a meal for a quarter cup.
The use of the composition can lead to blockage of the bile ducts.

Renal grass in the amount of 10 g brew like tea. Take several times a day. One-time volume — one hundred milliliters.

A tablespoon of Alexandrian leaves is poured with a glass of cool water for twelve hours. Drink after filtering — half a glass in the morning before meals. Reception is carried out twice a week.
Alexandria leaves are a natural laxative.

Fifteen grams of yarrow with tops brew 250 ml of boiling water. After one hour, filter. Drink 1 tbsp. l three times a day. The recipe is effective if the initial stage of the pathology is observed.

A tablespoon of the aerial part of the maned kargan is steamed with 230 ml of hot liquid. In a water bath they languish for half an hour. Drink a large spoon up to four times a day.

A few large spoons of crushed leaves of dioecious nettle are steamed with a liter of boiling water for an hour. Drink half a glass twice.

Infusions from hemorrhoids.

  1. Two small spoons of leaves of medicinal dandelion in 0.2 l of hot moisture defend eight hours. A quarter cup is used every time before meals with a tendency to constipation and acute inflammation.
  2. To eliminate the bleeding type of pathology, infusion of horsetail is indicated. Two small tablespoons of the material are infused in 200 ml of boiling water for two hours. Drink volume per day, dividing into several servings.
  3. Dried carrot tops. Two large spoons in half a liter of boiling water insist for about ten hours. In the form of heat, use 1/3 cup up to five times a day before meals.
    Therapy through composition is the path to indigestion and the appearance of intestinal colic.
  4. To 400 ml of boiling water add a few small spoons of Veronica officinalis. They drink one hundred milliliters up to four times a day (before meals) with itching.
  5. Twenty-five dried leaves of laurel are steamed with three liters of boiling water for seven minutes. Drink volume per day, distributing it in several portions and taking small sips after a meal.
    Such treatment is categorically not suitable for pregnant women, people with disorders of the gastrointestinal tract and heart pathologies.
  6. Two art. l grape leaves pour 0.4 liters of boiling water for half an hour. Drink with the internal form of the disease, 40 ml twice after a meal.
  7. One art. l raspberry leaves (preferably fresh) are steamed for a short time with 230 milliliters of boiling water. After filtering, infusion is heated in a water bath. Drink ¼ cup three times before a meal.
  8. Twenty grams of chopped strawberry leaves are steamed with 0.23 ml of boiling water and left under a towel until cool. Take 30 ml three times.
    Strawberry leaves as a therapeutic agent are not recommended for use during pregnancy.
Infusions from hemorrhoids.
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