Fees for hemorrhoids.

Fees for hemorrhoids.

Fees for hemorrhoids.

Fees for hemorrhoids. Nettles and buckthorn bark are mixed in equal proportions. Eight grams of raw materials are steamed with one liter of boiling water. Leave under the lid for a quarter of an hour, after which they spin. Take with severe pain 150 ml four times. 
Infusion can be harmful if there are hemorrhoid cones.

Prepare a collection of sage leaves, chamomile flowers, black poplar buds, mint and yarrow herbs (three parts each), elecampane and nettle root (two each), shepherd’s bag grass (one). Take 30 g, pour 500 ml of hot moisture for ten hours. Take seventy-five milliliters three times before meals. The collection is considered anti-inflammatory.

A laxative is considered to be a collection of senna leaves, yarrow grass, buckthorn bark, licorice root and coriander fruits. Components are taken equally. Pour 1 tbsp. l collecting 0.2 liters of boiling water, keeping under a lid until cooling. They drink one hundred milliliters at night.
Prolonged use of senna-based formulations can be addictive. In the future, independent bowel movement will be difficult.

Fees for hemorrhoids.

  1. In equal shares combine the fruits of ordinary anise, the grass of the umbrella centaury, the leaves of the common elecampane, the flowers of the common tansy, the root of the medicinal hemoptysis, the kidneys of black poplar. Select 1 tbsp. l mix and pour in several cups of boiled moisture for twenty minutes. Drink as a hemostatic and anti-inflammatory drug in 1/3 cup three times before meals.
  2. An equal amount of grass is mixed with the grass of a mountainous kidney, marsh cinnamon and horsetail, bark of alder buckthorn, seeds of ordinary flax, chamomile flowers. Pour 1 tbsp. l collecting 400 ml of boiling water for half an hour. After spinning, they start taking it — one third of the glass three times.

Fees for hemorrhoids. Tinctures.

Alcohol tinctures are a good auxiliary method for treating the disease. The course is from a month to four, depending on the severity of the clinical picture and the patient’s reaction to the medicinal composition.
During pregnancy and breastfeeding, alcohol tinctures can not be used!

  1. To one hundred milliliters of medical alcohol add thirty grams of yarrow herb. It is kept in a place protected from the rays of the sun for a week. Drink thirty drops three times, adding a little floral honey.
  2. In 100 ml of alcohol for a medical week, insist 1 tbsp. l shredded wormwood herb bitter. Use as a hemostatic agent at the initial stage of hemorrhoids, fifteen drops twice before a meal.
    Wormwood has a strong stimulating effect on the nervous system. In case of an overdose, hallucinations can occur.
  3. A handful of crushed steel root is added to 300 ml of medical alcohol. In a place remote from the rays of the sun insist about eight days. After pressing, they start taking it — a teaspoon twice before meals, washed down with clean moisture. A folk remedy is suitable for normalizing the activity of the intestine, has an anti-inflammatory effect.
  4. To half a liter of quality vodka add one hundred grams of flowers of fragrant rue. They defend in a dark place for several weeks. Squeeze the raw materials. Drink ten drops, dissolving in 1 tbsp. l water, three times, continuing treatment for three weeks.
    Any root-based formulations require careful handling. Otherwise, poisoning is likely, resulting in nausea, dizziness and increased salivation.
  5. To 700 ml of buckwheat honey add 400 ml of aloe juice and 700 ml of red wine. Mix well and leave in a dark place for five days. Drink a teaspoon before meals, repeating three times.
  6. Fifty grams of horse chestnut seeds are ground. Pour half a liter of vodka and store for two weeks in a place inaccessible to sunlight. Take three times 1 tsp., Mixing with water.
  7. Grind the leaves of hazel. Two tbsp. l add to half a liter of medical alcohol. Maintain a week and filter. Drink four times after eating a dessert spoon dissolved in a cup of water.
  8. Anesthetizing effect give tincture bought. One hundred grams of root insist two weeks in a liter of 70% medical alcohol. Drink in the morning — 10 drops per 30 ml of water.
Fees for hemorrhoids.
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