Fertility treatments.

Fertility treatments.

Fertility treatments.

From infertility.

How to quickly get pregnant: Tips

I have had several patients who suffered from infertility and could become pregnant as a result of treatment with herbs. Fertility treatments.

I usually assigned to receive infusions Vitex sacred, cocklebur and upland uterus (ortiliya sided), as well as recommend the sage, which is brewed at the rate of 1 tbsp. spoon dry grass in a glass of boiling water and drink as tea.

Avicenna in the «Canon of Medicine» wrote about the healing properties of Vitex sacred and its beneficial effects on the female reproductive organs.

Vitex tincture is recommended for all women’s issues, especially active use of this plant in the United States and Western Europe. Vitex tincture take 20 drops 2-3 times a day. Similarly, take the tincture cocklebur; Tincture Borovoy of the uterus take to receive a few more — 20-30 drops.

How to quickly get pregnant: Tips

Use 10% -s’ liqueur; If you cook them yourself, 10 g raw pour 90 grams of vodka, insist for 2-3 weeks in a dark place, then strain.

It is best to drain all of tincture (Vitex, cocklebur and upland uterus) together in a cup of warm water and dispense 10 drops of this mixture.
Take a mixture of infusions 3 times a day.

In parallel with the treatment of these liqueurs and sage tea is very good to use even sagandaylya plant (another name — white wing). This plant, together with the usual brew tea: take the 2-3 leaf (not more!) A cup of tea.

Take herbs needed for a long time — until the result. Someone will need 2 months, someone half a year and maybe longer.


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