How to treat bruises.

How to treat bruises.

How to treat bruises.

How to treat bruises with folk remedies.

They say that scars, scratches, abrasions and bruises adorn men, but women certainly do not need all these «decorations».

But, unfortunately, this can happen to anyone, and necessarily at the wrong moment, but in the most conspicuous place where it is impossible to hide it.

We are trying in vain with the help of various cosmetics to mask the problem, but no foundation is capable of doing this. We become desperate and do not know what to do in this case.

At the same time, all women remember that they have a lot of cosmetics, but about simple folk remedies that we always forget at hand, and in this case, they will help us much more than any of the most expensive cosmetics.

Treatment of bruises with folk remedies is possible

Let’s talk in more detail about how to quickly get rid of bruises with the help of folk remedies:

Onions from bruises

1) A wonderful proven remedy for hematomas: onions 5-6 heads, chop it on a grater, and mix with 1 tbsp. l. salt. Wrap the resulting mass in a cotton cloth and apply to the diseased area. The procedure must be repeated for several days in a row. You won’t notice the bruise is gone in a week.

Potato starch for bruising

2) Potato starch is considered a well-known folk remedy for bruises. It is necessary to dilute the starch in water until a slurry is obtained, and apply to the sore spot. The very next day you will be surprised that there is no hematoma, this remedy is really ideal.

Banana peel can help fight bruising

3) Many people will be surprised that banana peels can help fight bruises. Apply the inside of the banana peel to the sore spot for 30 minutes.

Salt and vinegar for bruising

4) Another proven remedy that, believe me, will help you out 100% — this is the familiar salt and vinegar. Mix ½ cup 9% vinegar and 0.5 tsp. salt. Moisten a napkin in this solution and apply it to the impact site for 30 minutes. After such a simple procedure, the pain instantly disappears and the bruise will simply disappear before our eyes.

If we have already touched on the topic of bruises, then we cannot but touch upon another important topic for women, and men are also concerned with such a problem as bruises under the eyes.

And there is salvation — this is the treatment of bruises with folk remedies, without resorting to the use of drugs.

The main reason for the presence of dark circles under the eyes is considered a disease of the internal organs or a violation of venous and lymphatic outflow.

The reason for dark circles (bruises) under the eyes lies in constant overwork, receiving negative emotions, endless tears, and also if a person constantly lacks sleep or suffers from insomnia.

If a person does not get enough sleep for several nights in a row, as a result, the muscles on his face weaken, and for this reason the eye sockets will seem even deeper, that is, at this time, these unpleasant bruises appear under the eyes.

How to treat bruises.

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