The main cause of rosacea is in weak vessels. Their disease can occur due to genetic characteristics of the body or hormonal changes.

Excessive alcohol consumption, persistent overeating, smoking and climatic conditions can also cause red spots.

So, in the winter months, entering a warm room from the street, the capillaries are exposed to sharp temperature changes, as a result of which we can observe redness on our faces.

Removal of blood vessels on the face: folk remedies.

We all know how couperosis manifests itself on the face. Capillary redness can cover quite large areas of the skin and therefore it is possible and necessary to deal with this manifestation.

However, not everyone is in a hurry to immediately resort to medical methods of hardware treatment; it also seems logical enough to turn to folk methods of removing blood vessels on the face, which usually solves the problem after using natural remedies.

— you can start with a mask No. 1 that strengthens blood vessels. Mix equal amount of grape seed oil, tincture of calendula, sophora and dandelion. Apply to skin in the evening before bed. You need to keep the mask for about half an hour, removing the excess with a napkin. Such a course should last two months;

— mask number 2 consists of grape seed oil, cypress seed extract, butcher’s, galangal, mimosa and blueberry extract. Mix the indicated ingredients in equal proportions and apply to a prepared, cleansed face. To accelerate the penetration of beneficial components into skin cells, cover your face with a heated napkin. After 20 minutes, the napkin is removed, you need to wash and apply the cream. The frequency of such masks is twice a week, of course, they will not be able to completely rid you of capillary redness, but they will definitely reduce their number;

— herbal mask. This remedy requires the use of chamomile, horse chestnut color, calendula, yarrow and potato starch in equal parts. Mix all components thoroughly, bringing the composition to the state of gruel. Cut a mask out of gauze, cover your face, and put the resulting herbal mass on top. Remove the mask after 15 minutes, and wash your face with a pre-prepared herbal decoction lotion. Such a decoction is prepared from various herbs (yarrow, marigold, chamomile). Then dilute 1 teaspoon of broth in 200 ml of water and wash your face with this lotion;

— the use of chamomile tonic is very popular among the people. We brew 2 tablespoons of this versatile useful plant in half a liter of water, with the addition of two crushed ascorutin tablets;

— you can soften the manifestation of rosacea with a chamomile compress. It is necessary to insist 2 tables for 20 minutes. spoons of chamomile in boiling water. We make 10-minute compresses from the prepared infusion;

— also use various berry masks. Raspberries, lingonberries, sea buckthorn, strawberries — all these berries can become excellent components of nutritious masks. Add 1 teaspoon of potato starch to the mass. The duration of the procedure is 15-20 minutes;

— the next active way to combat rosacea is a raw potato mask. This method is quite effective and can significantly reduce the amount of unwanted redness;

— if in winter frosts caused the appearance of rosacea, alternating hot-cold lotions will become a good effective remedy. A hot lotion is prepared from a decoction of nettle or rosemary, applied to the skin for 3 minutes. A cold remedy can be a horse chestnut or sage decoction, which is cooked for 20-30 minutes, applied for 5 minutes. We apply hot and cold lotions alternately with a cyclicity of 5-6 times. At the same time, completing the course, the last cold lotion should be applied for 10 minutes.


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