Biliary dyskinesia.

Biliary dyskinesia.

Liver disease.

Biliary dyskinesia. 

Why are there violations?

Biliary dyskinesia — a violation of the motor-evacuation function of the gallbladder and bile ducts, which is reflected in untimely, incomplete or excessive contraction of the gallbladder and sphincter.

Biliary dyskinesia.

And yet, in spite of the prevalence of these diseases, the question arises, why do they appear not everyone? Of course, other things being equal — here heredity also has not been canceled …
So let’s look at the possible reasons leading to the appearance of dyskinesia.

The most common causes:

• inflammatory and degenerative diseases of the liver, gallbladder and
biliary tract and pancreas
• malformations of the gallbladder (bends, deformation)
• valvular dysfunction (sphincters) Biliary
• chronic gastritis, chronic gastroduodenitis
• gastric and duodenal ulcer disease
• chronic enterocolitis, irritable bowel syndrome, dysbiosis
• violation of the diet
• stress, neuroses
• Thyroid disease
• changes in the sexual glands during puberty or menopause
• dystonia.

And now look at themselves — except the first, the most powerful reasons to take care of their health, the other most of us in the calculation does not even take! Just think, IRR — who do not, the climax — all his experience, stress — without them nowadays, goiter, violations of diet — which without them …
That, along with the luggage and get to more serious illnesses.

Prevention of biliary dyskinesia is early detection and treatment of diseases of the digestive system, a diet, fight against physical inactivity.

Principles of treatment of dyskinesia.

At the heart of the complex treatment of dyskinesias is diet, which must be observed in all diseases of the liver and biliary tract, the use of medicinal and food plants, medical gymnastics, etc.

When hyperfunction gall bladder should be excluded from the diet of fried and fatty meals, strong broth, hot spices, alcohol. Meals should be 4-6 times a day, preferably at the same time.

When hypofunction gallbladder diet is particularly important. Food should be distributed in such a way that at least 3 times a day was used food with pronounced choleretic properties — vegetable oil, egg yolks, butter, sour cream and a small amount of cream. Useful yogurt in the evening, the infusion of rose hips, or the use of choleretic herbs infusions.

Recommend tyubazh.

1 every 10-15 days, usually sorbitol, Carlsbad salt, magnesium sulphate or with mineral waters. Tyubazh carried out as follows. The patient is allowed to drink 1 cup of warmed, for example, mineral water and placed on the right side on a warm heating pad. Within 40-60 minutes, until there is this procedure, the patient drinks 1 glass of still mineral water is heated. Tyubazh better to spend 2-3 hours after a light dinner, in 21-23 hours, marking the highest activity of the liver and biliary tract.

! It must be remembered that tyubazh contraindicated during exacerbation of chronic cholecystitis and the presence of gallstones.

Medicinal teas.
When hyperfunction gallbladder.

When hyperkinetic forms prescribed herbs that have sedative, antispasmodic, analgesic, sedative and anxiety-reducing motility and gallbladder action, such as valerian root, sweet clover grass, meadowsweet.
Ingredients: herb mint, meadowsweet — 1 part, grass clover, marjoram — 0.3 parts, valerian root — 0.5 parts, grass Ivanchev, tsetrariya — 2 parts.
Preparation: 1 tablespoon. spoon collection pour 0.5 liters of water. Boil on low heat with the lid closed for 15 minutes. Infuse for 30 minutes. Drink 1/2 cup 3-4 times a day without regard to meals. admission Course: 2-3 months or more.

When the gallbladder hypofunction.

At hypokinetic Bile forms prescribed medicinal plants, such as everlasting, thistle, calendula. At home, you can cook choleretic herbal tea, to be taken to strengthen
the outflow of bile and for the prevention of gallstone disease.
Ingredients: Helichrysum flowers, grass dymyanki — 1 part herb peppermint — 0.3 parts herb chicory, willow-herb, tsetrariya — 3 parts.
Preparation: herbal tea (1 table spoon.) add 0.5 liters of water. On low heat with the lid closed simmer 15 minutes. Infuse for 30 minutes.
Drink 4-5 times a day 1/2 cup 20 minutes before eating. admission Course: 1-2 months or more.


Biliary dyskinesia.

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