Clover against atherosclerosis.

In my collection is a good way how to counter atherosclerosis. This means very good help, you only need to take care of the preparation.

I, for example, collects all kinds of herbs every summer and the whole year do without medication from the pharmacy. After all, almost all known diseases there is a natural remedy, so why spend the money, especially now that not everyone can afford treatment tablets.

A atherosclerosis such a disease that if you do not pay attention to his treatment, torture will never end, especially if the years take their toll.

To prepare the tincture will need the leaves of red clover. About 40 grams of these leaves have to insist in 0.5 liters of 40% alcohol to 10 days. After this, the infusion should be carefully drain and squeeze out the residue.

Take 2 hours. Spoon 1 every day before dinner or before bedtime. The course of treatment should be carried out for 3 months with breaks for 10 days each month. I have nothing helped as good as this tincture.

Applying this tool, which I told a friend, about three years ago, I did not expect such a quick and, most importantly, a positive result. Try it — and you can help.



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