Body cleanser.

body cleanser

Body cleanser.

Pure health.

Body cleanser. My father, not an old man, suffered two heart attacks one by one, with a time difference of 1.5 months.
Externally strong, in youth I did sports, but my heart, you see, is not withstood.

I began to think about how to support my father on the road to health.
At first I did not know where to begin, my body was all worn out, polluted.

After all, not every man will persuade all the treatment procedures to slant.
Of course, he drank medicines: those that the doctors had written out.
But I think without medicine nowhere after two infarcts, and from chemistry, the vessels are even more polluted.

Body cleanser.

I remembered that lemons and sea kale help clean the vessels.
I bought my father lemons so that he would at least start adding tea. And instead of sea kale, she bought the herb fucus.

After all, any algae has a complete set of vitamins. Trace elements are larger than any terrestrial plant.
And in the annotation I read that all the rare acids in the fucus are contained. But most importantly, the algae cleanse the body of toxins and toxins. Doctors recommend their use in case of atherosclerosis with a heart condition.

Applying Fucus was just enough for a teaspoon a day. You can eat before meals. Or you can add to the prepared food. My father had a very strict drinking regimen. Only three glasses of liquid were allowed per day. This should not have caused edema of cardiac origin.
I brought him various herbs. Leaf of lingonberry he drank instead of tea as a diuretic for edema.

He cooked cranberries along with calming and warm herbs: mint, motherwort, hawthorn.
He drank it all with lemon to clear the vessels and increase their elasticity.
In the morning glass of this infusion, my father washed down a teaspoon of fucus. If in the morning he forgot to drink fucus, he added it in the afternoon straight to the food.

Body cleanser.

Food, of course, with this cleaning had its limitations. Even after heart attacks, it was not allowed to eat a lot of sweet, fatty and hard-to-digest foods, fried, smoked. Well, yes, this is only good.

But on this I did not calm down. She began to think about how to clean her liver after many years of drinking.
I learned that milk thistle is stronger than other herbal remedies. Makes it softer, not so sharp. And vitamins, any useful substances in it are few. I gladly immediately bought milk thistle. Also bought ground thistle and syrup from the same herb.

My father began to take medicinal infusions, except for the usual lemon and milk thistle syrup. Grass or food added, or before eating, washed down with the same infusions. Thus, he used fucus for one and a half months. Milk thistle took over three months.

Then with the thistle I took a break. But he continued to drink fucus.
I drank it for another month and a half. Fucus again stopped using. But he resumed taking thistle.

Body cleanser.

Yes, tinctures during this time have changed in the pharmacy, bought one by one. Any fees for atherosclerosis, cardiovascular and sedative, apply. And, of course, I did not forget to add medicinal lemons to tea. Later, I prepared my father a famous medicinal jam (although it is jam, but you don’t need to cook it — it will lose its healing properties) of two lemons, two oranges and two teaspoons of honey, minced in a meat grinder. He is such a tasty drug for milk thistle syrup.

I did it occasionally. So, for cleaning the main body systems you need:

• Fucus on a teaspoon a day before meals, washed down with water or medicinal infusion. It is also possible to eat it with food. Purified vessels, joints, intestines.


body cleanser

• Use lemon in tea or eat in the form of jam: 2 lemons, 2 oranges and 2 teaspoons of honey to pass through a meat grinder. Add in tea and medical infusions.

• Milk thistle 3 times a day on a teaspoon before eating, or along with food, or syrup.

Rustic slimming.

• Prepare infusions from diuretic plants, for example cranberries, birch.
A tablespoon on a glass of boiling water to insist on half an hour, to drink during the day. Drink about a month, then break for at least a month.

During breaks, replace with soothing infusions:
pustules, valerian, mint.
Brew as well as a diuretic.
That’s all I wanted to write to you. I hope my methods of cleaning help someone.


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