Water — a good habit

Water — a good habit.

+ How to quit smoking.

+ How to quit smoking on their own
ways to quit smoking

It is time that becomes a good habit to live without alcohol, drugs and nicotine — a sense of self-preservation awakes. Learn how to get involved, and it was easy and simple, but to get rid of these bad habits is very difficult and not everyone can do.

I want to offer smoking cessation one way, stunning in its simplicity and accessibility.

It will help you to quit smoking … water, but not simple, and live, charged, activated natural natural stone — flint (not to be confused with kremeshkami in lighters!).

+ How to quit smoking.

Get together with the spirit, make a decision, give yourself a day at which you stop poisoning themselves with nicotine. Be prepared — do yourself a supply of flint water. Activate (charge) water in 3.5-liter jar slice flint (50-100 g) of not less than 7 days. This piece of flint can be used repeatedly (for many years) to saturate
and more new portions of water. The water can take any, you are used to drinking — spring, mineral (excluding gas), tap, boiled.

On the eve of the appointed day Nakuru «fill» and destroy all of the remaining cigarettes — tear, trample. Remove the eyes all that is associated with this harmful habit — cigarette lighters, ashtrays, matches, etc.

Morning start with that, instead of a conventional cigarette, drink flint water as much as you want. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are not canceled, but all the others meals (tea, coffee, fruit, etc.), replace the flint water. And so every time: instead of a cigarette — a glass (or more if you want) of water, the activated silicon.

+ How to quit smoking.

If you soak a cigarette without all the first day, it is already halfway to success.

The water in which lay a natural flint, long retains its medicinal properties, new (but should not be stored in the refrigerator). Just do not forget after every 7 days insisting on silicon pour the water into the other container, stone and wash the dishes, and then typing a new portion of water.

Flint water carry in whatever dish and drink as much as you want for a good health.
Typically, someone will be enough of the week, maybe two, to become non-smokers.


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