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Treatment and first aid for dizziness

If you ask people who suffer from frequent dizziness to describe their condition, you can get multiple answers. Many experience a «rotation» inside the head, others say that their head «floats», and some only «sway». Medical care for dizziness should be provided if a person is too often violated coordination, there is weakness in the legs. In other cases, it is possible to treat dizziness with folk remedies, including the use of herbal and tinctures.

Vertigo is not always from success, the reasons for their occurrence are very diverse. Before treating dizziness with folk remedies and medications, find out what causes this ailment. Vertigo can be from fatigue (including mental fatigue), with increasing or decreasing blood pressure, with sudden changes in weather conditions, as a result of craniocerebral trauma, in seasickness, with severe stress effects, and also with certain diseases of internal organs (for example , With increased acidity of gastric juice), and from intoxication, which is not worth talking about. You can get rid of dizziness, just by eliminating their cause.

Tips on how to treat dizziness with folk remedies

Take advice on how to treat dizziness with folk remedies to relieve your condition and not cause a relapse.

People who lead an overactive lifestyle, most often meet with a variety of stresses, severe overwork and seemingly causeless dizziness. To prevent such negative consequences as dizziness, it is necessary, above all, to observe a rational mode of work and rest, to include in the food ration products containing a lot of phosphorus (fish and seafood, eggs, cheese, almonds, peas, walnuts). The listed products also have an energizing, activating action.

With asthenic dizziness sometimes helps a cup of hot strong sweet tea (but not coffee!).

If you want to stop dizziness «here and now», use the following technique: sit in a chair, put your feet on the floor. Hold on to the armrests and look at any stationary object for a few minutes.

In case of dizziness caused by increased blood pressure, you need to observe peace. It is not bad to take a hot foot bath, put the mustard on the back of the head, take a solution of sulfuric magnesia (10 g dissolved in half a cup of warm water) or take the already familiar to you (recommended by the therapist) antihypertensive drugs.

If you have a tendency to increase blood pressure, limit the daily amount of table salt in the food.

Recipes of traditional medicine with dizziness

The composition of recipes of folk medicine with dizziness includes medicinal herbs and essential oils.

If dizziness is caused by lowering blood pressure, then it should be normalized with strong black tea, tinctures of Eleuthericoccus, pantocrinum, levisee, Chinese magnolia vine, ginseng or tansy. In addition, in these cases, massage of the neck, especially the collar zone, can be effective with toning aromatic essential oils of black pepper, rosemary, thyme or sage (1 drop of essential oil or a mixture of oils added in 10 ml of base oil, preferably olive oil ).

If dizziness is accompanied by a sharp increase in the acidity of the stomach, drink twice a day (after dinner and dinner) for 1 cup of peppermint infusion or lime-colored.

Use the prescription for infusion: mix in equal parts by weight the root of the gentian, sage, mint and cinnamon (finely chopped), pour a glass of boiling water and insist, drink 2 glasses a day.

It’s good to drink basil infusion (for 1 cup of boiling water, take 1 tablespoon of dry basil). This infusion is good even when combined with vertigo with vomiting and headaches (of course, if they are not the result of the brain injury just received).

Treatment of dizziness with folk methods at home

Treatment of dizziness with folk methods at home is available to everyone and does not require complicated manipulations. Dizziness of neurotic origin, especially caused by long-acting stress, shows hydrotherapy (you can take non-hot baths or a contrast shower), as well as exercise therapy (without intensive work!).

You can just rub the whiskey with a cut on the bulb. If frequently occurring unexpressed dizziness of an unknown origin, take 1 teaspoon of dried sea kale before eating.

You can take a piece of sugar or chocolate and drop on it a couple of drops of anise oil for internal use and eat.

You can use the following recipe: pour 2 tablespoons of fruit of plantain 2 cups of boiling water, insist and drink this infusion for half an hour before meals during the day.

Another folk remedy for dizziness — mustard plasters, laid on the bridge of the nose (small piece) or on the calf of the legs (after which it is desirable to lie in silence with closed eyes, relaxing as much as possible).

At dizziness caused by the administration (including alcohol), the stomach should be cleansed with a saline laxative, and the intestines — with an enema. Then you need to go to bed, close your eyes and put ice under your head or a towel soaked in cold water.

First aid for dizziness

If dizziness is accompanied by severe headaches, nausea, vomiting (without any painful symptoms from the gastrointestinal tract), instability in walking, and even more some kind of disturbance of consciousness, this indicates either the approach of a brain disaster or its Availability, and therefore it is urgent to call an ambulance. Before the arrival of a doctor, first aid with dizziness is to put the patient on high pillows. They need to slip under the shoulders, shoulder blades and head so that it was raised above the bed level by about 30 °. Then you should ensure the influx of fresh air (opening a window or at least a window); Remove the tight clothes, unbutton the collar of the shirt; Remove removable dentures.

Finally, if this condition is caused by a sharp increase in blood pressure, and you have «at hand» no antihypertensive drugs (lowering the pressure), then you can resort to such a non-medicinal method: take a deep breath and do not breathe as long as possible.




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