Ulcer cure brine

Ulcer cure brine

treatment for stomach ulcers

In our family, all treats grandmother. She herself out of the village, and there before the tablets do not really trust.
That ulcer father grandmother cured without drugs, and even surgery because the doctors suggested.

We are all waiting to see what she will cook some old drug, and it has become a booze cabbage and drink brine father. We did not eat as much cabbage as she did so the brine have enough for my father’s treatment.
He drank a lot of it — one or two cup 3-4 times a day. Drinking should be somewhere in an hour before a meal, just a day five or six glasses. Because of this, the pope had to comply and nutrition, by the hour took the brine and eaten. We support the whole family of his father, mother, however, I did not believe, but a month later, when his father went to the doctor — the ulcer was not.

The Pope told the doctor about the treatment of cabbage brine, the doctor did not even surprised, but said the facility has helped, because the acidity of the Pope in the stomach reduced, and at an elevated — would become worse. So, if you decide to treat ulcers brine, find out what your acidity,
and how not to hurt yourself. very different recipes exist for hyperacidity.




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