garlic treatment.

garlic treatment.

garlic treatment.

Always rescue garlic.

Garlic helps me always, a real lifesaver. From all ills helps me, I do not remember the last time I spoke to the doctors.

For example, as soon as runny nose begins, garlic juice is squeezed on cotton wool and invest tamponchiki nostrils. The rhinitis is gone!

And hypertension garlic found council. Before eating it 1-2 teeth garlic.

And sometimes when it comes to aggravation.I use a stronger medicine of garlic. Prepare the medicine should be in advance. Take 0.5 liters of vodka.Pour 150 grams of garlic gruel. Insist 4 weeks in a dark place. Shake often. If necessary, take 1 teaspoon before meals.

There was another attack. Occasionally boils appeared on the body. I also coped with them with the help of garlic. In the morning and in the evening I smeared the affected areas with garlic juice.

garlic treatment.

Children always treated with garlic. Sometimes they grit their teeth during sleep. Or leave saliva on the pillow. It is clear: it is worms.
Pour a glass of milk into an enamel mug. Bring to a boil. But don’t let it boil. Throw 1-2 cloves of garlic. Then immediately remove from heat.

Well wrapped, I let it brew for the night. In the morning I remove the garlic. Decoction give the child to drink an empty stomach. About half an hour the worms begin to appear.

The course of treatment is 3 days. For teens, you can put more garlic on your head. People over 25 years old — for 2 heads.


garlic treatment.

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