How to remove a double chin

How to remove a double chin

It’s no secret that a double collections adds beauty to its owner, so people increasingly wonder how to get rid of it. First of all, we should not assume that the double chin appear only in the elderly or those who are obese. This external defect may well appear in young and slender person.

Unfortunately, not everyone knows that to get rid of this defect it is possible without recourse to a plastic surgeon. It’s enough to know and regularly perform some simple exercises, which will be discussed below.

In order to get rid of the double chin, there are six most effective exercise. They can do both individually and in combination (last option is the most preferred).

A nice feature is the exercise of their absolute simplicity that makes it easy to carry them both at home and on the walk, at work — wherever you want! In addition, the effectiveness of these techniques have been successfully tested and confirmed by a large number of people around the world.
The most important thing! In order to achieve results, it is necessary to do the exercise every day.

The first exercise.
To correctly perform this exercise you need to throw your head back. For greater efficiency, imagine that you need at all costs to lift cargo, which allegedly hooked to your chin. This «burden» should be raised as slowly as possible, while throwing her head back. At the same time, try very strongly to strain all the muscles of the neck. Exercise should be repeated seven times.

The second exercise.
The main role in this exercise, you will play the lower lip, which must be as much as possible to pull down so that your teeth become visible. Exercise needs to be done 7 times.

The third exercise.
Put your hands in such a way as to maintain their fists chin. Then start to open his mouth, while gradually create enough voltage hands. Exercise needs to be done 11 times.

The fourth exercise.
The essence of the exercise is to tilt your head to the right, but the biasing the lower jaw to the right shoulder. After the done tilt your head to the left and repeat the same manipulation of the jaw, shifting it to the left shoulder. The slopes have to do to 7 times in each direction.

The fifth exercise.
The essence of the exercise is that you, as in the first exercise, you need to throw back his head back. But in this exercise more difficult task will be to stand in front of you. Now you need to push the lower jaw forward, while trying to reach the tip of the nose, the lower lip. Of course, you are unlikely to be able to do it, especially right, but the essence of the exercise is to do it as much as possible. Practice the technique must be 7 times.

six exercises
The final exercise involves squeezing tight lips (must be the same effect as if you were holding lip pencil or pen). Then you need to press the palm of your hand to your chest slightly below the collarbone and pull down. This provision is necessary to fix for 10 seconds and relax.

Practice the technique should not be less than twenty-five times.
Fulfilling these simple exercises, you will be able within a short period of time to get rid of double chin. In that case, if you do not perform the exercises may be of a preventive nature.


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