How to get rid of double chin.

How to get rid of double chin.

How to get rid of double chin.

Double chin.

Double (second) chin on a woman’s face — that’s what should not be! How to get rid of double chin.
It acquired a completely new formation does not paint a woman and to be undoubted removal.

You, of course, know the causes of the new chin on your face and are asking the natural question: «How do you get rid of double chin» — Do not worry, all can be corrected by using certain methods, which are presented to your attention …

Masks to help get rid of excess chin. 

Moisturizing Mask.

A few spoonfuls of milk, mix with a few tablespoons of honey. Apply a thin layer of the mixture on the neck. Wait for eleven minutes and rinse with cool water.

Milk mask.

Mix milk (four tablespoons), raw egg, honey (one teaspoon), a chopped banana. Keep makeup on his face about twenty-five minutes. Rinse ordinary (cool) water or mineral water.

Potato mask.

Prepare a thick mashed potatoes (it must prepare on the water). Add to it one teaspoon salt. Keep the mask strictly on the chin area. Jaws are wrapped with cling film so as not to get dirty. Rinse the mask (after thirty-five minutes) and «soak» the skin nourishing cream.

Glycerin mask.

Take a teaspoon. Measure the honey and glycerin. Mix them in equal proportions. Add a raw egg. Apply on eleven minutes. Rinse citrus juice.

Curd Mask.

Mix ten grams of sour cream, Forty-five grams of cottage cheese, six grams of olive oil. Beat components. Apply to the problem area and cover with gauze net. Wash off any tincture of herbs.

Packs of double chin

Lemon compress.

Moisten any gauze or cloth juice of several lemons. It imposes on the «extra» chin and pinpoint twenty-five minutes. Do not remove the gauze (compress) the specified time.

Compress «sour» of a double chin.

Take a wide bandage. Mix the two types of juice (apple and lemon). Add a little apple cider vinegar. Stir again. Shift all weight on a bandage. Apply it to the chin.

Make a layer of cellophane. Fix it and bandage with a handkerchief or scarf. Hold for about forty minutes. Shoot. Apply to «affected area» good cream (fat).

Wait thirty minutes. Superimposed on the chin bandage with ice or ice water. Hold it for seventeen minutes. Repeat about twice a week. You can repeat it more often if you are very worried about the condition of your skin and your appearance.

8 exercise of a double chin. How to get rid of double chin.

Many women, even with a small excess weight, have a double chin on her face.
The fact that fat deposits in the chin area are formed as easily as on the areas that are considered most problematic — the waist, buttocks and thighs.

However, not even insured by slender double chin people: for example, an extra chin may appear with age -decreases skin elasticity, wide neck muscle loses its natural strength, which certainly affects the shape of the face.

To get rid of excess chin, not enough to lose weight, you will in any case need regular care of the skin of the neck, and is very effective in this case, a special gymnastics.

Special exercises for facial muscles contribute to enhanced blood circulation in tissues, increase metabolism, and normalize the sebaceous and sweat glands, maintain skin elasticity.

Try to do these exercises every day, and you will soon notice that the lower part of your face becomes less:

1 compressed lips and cheeks to inflate. Attach your fingers to cheeks and press, holding lips are closed and not letting the air. Count to 10, then relax and repeat the exercise 10 times. Gradually bring the score to 30.

2 wide open mouth and eyes, count to 3. Repeat the exercise 10 times. Then do the exercise 5 times, turning his head left and right.

3 mouth wide open, throw your head back. Open and close your mouth while moving the lower jaw. Repeat 10 times.

4 Take a pencil in his mouth. Pulling the chin forward, describing circles in the air, or to write letters.

5 Lie down on the bed, stretching his arms to the sides, feet together. Slowly raise your head, straining his neck. Then slowly lower. Start with 5 times, eventually to bring the score to 20.

6 Sit on the floor or on the bed, his knees drawn up to his stomach. Pull the neck, shoulders drooping. Tilt the head forward, then slowly decline it back as far as possible, with opening and closing the mouth 3 times.
Return the head to its original position. Repeat the exercise 5 times.

7 Sit on the bed cross-legged, drop shoulders, back straight. Without moving the torso, alternately turning the chin to the right and left shoulder, holding a straight neck. Repeat 5 times in each direction.

8 Perform circular motions with his head, trying as much as possible take the neck forward, backward and sideways. Repeat 10 times.

How to get rid of double chin.

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