If the pills are powerless.

Girl in my family grew a surprisingly strong and is healthy. But somehow unexpectedly appeared swelling in one eye. Yes, so big that the eye is completely closed. Eyelid with a bluish tint hanging over his cheek.

Parents were frightened, drove to the hospital soon. The doctors said that this angioedema, and assigned treatment. They began to treat edema, and indeed disappeared, but reappeared a week later. This was repeated several times. Parents do not know what to do.

Helped a friend, she is very well-versed in herbs.
He said to have bought in a drugstore dry herbs: chamomile and succession, even a bay leaf was needed, but it is always there at home.
she prepared medicines from these herbs.

She took a pinch of chamomile flowers and grass succession yes laurel leaf, brewed all this glass of boiled water, insist 2 hours and drink become a girl 2 tbsp. spoon 2 times a day, somewhere in half an hour before meals. I saw this infusion two months. Edema has passed, more and does not appear.



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