A heel spur is a wedge-shaped growth (thorn) in the heel area that causes discomfort and acute pain.

The main cause of spurs is flat feet. Also among the reasons can be noted metabolic disorders, trauma, circulatory disorders of the legs.

For the prevention of heel spurs, it is recommended:

— wear comfortable shoes;
— prevent the development of flat feet;
— timely treat diseases that contribute to the formation of spurs;
— avoid and promptly treat leg injuries;
— monitor the health of the spine;
— keep track of excess weight and lead an active lifestyle.

Do thermal massage.

Put two basins next to each other, one with hot water (as soon as you could endure it), the other with ice. And alternately put your feet first in hot, then in cold water.

Start with 15 seconds, gradually increasing the time to 30 seconds and so on for 15-20 minutes, adding water to each basin, respectively. The last dip is in cold water. After a week, the heel will stop hurting.

Chicory helps

A suggested recipe for spurs.

Pour 25-30 g of dried chicory plant with boiling water and stand for 10 minutes. Then lower your feet into the most tolerable hot infusion. Without wiping, wrap them up, after making a compress from the remaining herbal gruel overnight. It is necessary to use this gruel and take baths until the cyclic tincture begins to sour.

With seals (infiltrates) after injections, with panaritium, polyps, boils in the initial stage, aloe compress helps well. It is necessary to cut an aloe leaf, put Vishnevsky ointment, honey, 2-3 drops of vodka in the middle and keep this mixture until it is completely absorbed on the affected area of ​​the body.

Soap — spurs dull.

Slice off the laundry soap, add water and put on fire to dissolve the soap until it becomes jelly thick. Then, while it has not cooled down, use a spoon to apply this mass to 3-4 layers of gauze so that it is enough for the entire foot. Bandage your leg, put on a plastic bag and warm socks. Do this soap compress every night until healed.

All ingenious is simple

There was a lot of advice on how to get rid of spurs. I want to add one more.
Every evening before going to bed I put my feet in a basin of hot water (as I could tolerate). Nearby is a kettle with boiling water.

As the water cooled down in the basin, I added it from the kettle. I evaporated the salts for half an hour a day. It is pleasant sitting in front of the TV or with a book. After 10-15 days, I forgot which leg I had a spur on.

And one more piece of advice.

When the sunflower ripens, take its head, cut off the greens, remove the seeds. Remains «cotton» pulp, which needs to be cut and boiled. Place the hot pieces on the heel, cover with cellophane and wrap the leg with something warm.


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